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AL-TIJARAH                                                                                                                                             Q1 2014

        Published by Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Volume 47 - Issue 10        October - 2018
                                                                                      Key Highlights

                                                                                        amongst the business community. The positive outlook is driven by upbeat expectations on real business activity (volumes)
                                                                                        and hiring.
                                                                                        96% of the businesses expect the overall business situation to improve or remain stable in the Q1, 2014 compared to the
                                                                                        previous quarter

                                                                                        followed by Manufacturing and Trade & Hospitality companies.
                                                                                        Overall, selling prices are expected to remain stable as a majority i.e. 59% companies are expecting no change on this
                                                                                        The outlook on employment is strong, with 38% businesses expecting to hire in Q1 and 59% expecting to maintain their

                                                                                        optimism levels on this parameter.

                                                                                        expect  to  expand  the  capacity  of  their  businesses  while  another  55%  are  inclined  towards  investment  in  technology
                                                                                        Large businesses are observed to be more optimistic than SMEs  on all the parameters constituting the overall Business

                                                                                        in export sales.
                                                                                        The current survey shows that a majority i.e. 43% of the businesses in the sample cited no challenges impacting their
                                                                                        operations in Q1, 2014, thus reiterating Sharjah’s robust and conducive  environment  for doing business
                                                                                        Many of the large businesses in the survey believe that the recently acquired high sovereign credit rating would help to
                                                                                        raise Sharjah’s  image as an attractive investment destination and will have a positive impact on the Emirate’s business and
                                                                                        economic environment

                                                                                     Study Methodology

                                                                                                                                The  survey  included  adequate  participation  from  both  SMEs
                                                                                     that measures the pulse of the business community and serves   (90% of sample) and large businesses (10% of sample) in Sharjah.
                                                                                     as a reliable benchmark for Businesses, Government Institutions,
                                                                                     Banks and Potential Investors.             The sample includes companies from the following sectors:

                                                                                     The  survey  for  Q1,  2014    was  conducted  with  inputs  from        Construction (50)
                                                                                     500  companies  across  the  Emirate  of  Sharjah.  The  sample        Finance, Real Estate & Business Services (100)
                                                                                     included a mix of small, medium and large enterprises, ensuring        Manufacturing (100)
                                                                                     adequate representation from various sectors of the economy
                                                                                                                                       Trade & Hospitality (200)
                       SEDC... an integrated platform to                                                                               Transport & Storage (50)
                                                                                     proportionate to their respective contributions to Sharjah’s GDP.
                                                                                     1  In the context of this study, SMEs in Sharjah are defined as companies with less than 100 employees.
           enhance Sharjah products in global markets
                                                                                     2  For the purpose of the survey, each quarter is defined as follows: Q1 is the period between January and March, Q2 is the period between April and June, Q3 is the period
                                                                                     between July and September, and Q4 is the period between October and December of each year.

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