Page 3 - Al Tijarah - October 2018
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Editorial Message

                        In a previous occasion His Highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council and
                        Ruler of Sharjah, said “some believe that economy and culture do not meet but this is wrong, as both complement
                        each other.  Without culture economy becomes just dry numbers with no creativity and innovation.  Without
                        economy culture becomes an equation of theories looking for reality”.

                        In its recent report Standard and Poor’s (S&P), the global watchdog, certified that Sharjah economic outlook
                        remains healthy and positive in the long and short terms, thanks to its diverse economy and robust economic
                        fundamentals.  Sharjah is widely acknowledged as the industrial backbone of the UAE.  The industrial sector
                        is one of the most important components of Sharjah’s economy.  Recent statistics shows that the number of
                        manufacturing units in Sharjah witnessed 27% rise in 2017.

                        Thus in this issue of Al Tijara the cover story deals with the role played by the Sharjah Exports Development
                        Centre (SEDC).  The Centre, which is an affiliate of the Sharjah Chamber, offers various services to encourage local
                        industrial firms and exporters to enhance their competitive abilities to cater to foreign markets and respond to
                        regional and international marketing opportunities.  SEDC provides technical exporting programmes designed to
                        assist exporters establish a presence in foreign markets and enabling them to upgrade promotion of their products
                        abroad.  It also provides insurance and credit guarantees to exporters.

                        As the above cover stay pinpoints to Sharjah’s stress on the economic aspect of its all-round development, other
                        events reflect its emphasis on the importance of culture.  The 37th edition of the Sharjah International Book Fair
                        (SIBF) will be held from October 31 to November 10 at the Expo Centre.  According to its organizers, this year’s
                        fair will witness participation of leading Arab and International writers, intellectuals, artists, cultural personalities and
                        performers.  Featured programmes will include discussions, debates, literary seminars, poetry readings, workshops
                        for children and adults, cultural shows and entertainment exercises.  This edition will host above 1000 publishers
                        from around the world.

                        Thus Sharjah, through its events and developments, puts in practice the above concept of His Highness the Ruler on
                        the close connection between culture and economic growth.


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