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Sharjah Accelerates US Investments into its

                               Rapidly Diversifying Economy

        47  Latest  in a series  of Sharjah’s ongoing
          global networking efforts to showcase
          the strengths of its economy as a haven
          for foreign investors in a diversity  of
          economic sectors, a high-level delegation
          from the emirate, led by Sheikh  Fahim
          bin Sultan Al Qasimi,  Chairman of
          Department of Government Relations
          of Sharjah, recently completed a visit to
          Boston, USA.

          A business seminar, organised by the
          Sharjah FDI  Office (Invest in  Sharjah),
          also took place in the city, and provided
          strategic and personalised  prospects to
          Boston-based investors in Sharjah’s unique
          and leading investment climate.
                                            and Emirati diplomats, high-level business   Business Council. Representing Invest
          The  delegation visit  and program took   officials, investors in Boston and US   in Sharjah during the seminar were
          place in  light of  recent  developments   looking  to  expand their operations into   Mohammed  Juma Al Musharrkh, CEO,
          between the UAE and Boston, where   the  UAE’s fast-growing economy, and   Invest in  Sharjah  and  Marwan  Alichla,
          in 2016 it was announced that the UAE   private businesses.          Investment Promotions Manager at Invest
          opened a Consulate General in Boston,                                in Sharjah.
          Massachusetts  – its  third in the  United   Representing  Sharjah’s  government
          States – to promote bilateral relationship   sector during  the business  seminar   During  his opening remarks, HE Salem
          and  enhance US–UAE  cooperation   included  the Sharjah Entrepreneurship   Alshamsi said: “It’s truly an honor and an
          throughout New England.           Centre (Shera’a), American University of   opportunistic occasion to have Sharjah in
                                            Sharjah Enterprises (AUSE), the Sharjah   Boston, under a delegation led by Sheikh
          Furthermore, in 2015,  Massachusetts   University,  the  American  University   Fahim  Al Qasimi, and explore market
          exported over US$150  million in   of  Sharjah, the Sharjah Environmental   leading opportunities  with Boston-based
          merchandise  and goods, making it the   Company (Bee’ah) and Sharjah Research,   businesses and establishments.”
          21st largest exporting  state to the   Technology and Innovation Park.
          United Arab Emirates, with the state also                            He   added:  “Technology,  robotics,
          benefiting from UAE  imports,  with  $17   Attendees  and  participants  were  healthcare and construction are among the
          million of goods imported during that   presented  a key opportunity for both   key interests and outbound investments
          same year.                        sides to identify areas of bilateral business   Boston-based companies  see  in Sharjah.
                                            interests  and ways in which Invest in   With leading establishments  such as
          The Sharjah Boston Business Seminar  Sharjah and  allied entities representing   Optimus Ride, Greentownlabs and Mass
          Organised by Invest in Sharjah, in   Sharjah’s government can help American   Robotics, Boston has  become  a global
          partnership with the US–UAE  Business   businesses  bring  their  commercial  city among  the A.I. and  Technological
          Council, the “Sharjah–Boston Business   aspirations  to the emirate  and realise   industries.”
          Seminar”,  took place  on Tuesday   them in profitable and sustainable ways.
          (September  25), and brought together                                He noted: “We will work closely with our
          senior US-based investors to meet   Among prominent attendees  were HE   counterparts  from the public sector in
          with  six of the emirate’s  government   Salem  Alshamsi,  Consul General  of the   Boston, and participate in the upcoming
          representatives  at the  Ritz-Carlton in   UAE in Boston; Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan   4th Sharjah FDI Forum in December, and
          Boston.                           Al Qasimi, Chairman of Department of   give them a more direct access to Sharjah’s
                                            Government Relations of Sharjah; and   upcoming economic strategies and the
          The seminar was attended by American   Danny E. Sebright, President, US–UAE   multiple prospects it offers in the future.”
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