Page 6 - Al Tijarah - October 2018
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opportunity to deepen bilateral trade ties   the US. He agreed with Al Musharrkh’s   and a mutually beneficial relationship,
          with Sharjah noting that the UAE has been   observation about the potential that lies   given Sharjah and Boston have  played
          the strongest ally of the United States in   in enhancing economic cooperation  in   a leading role in shaping  and delivering
          Middle East and North Africa (MENA),   the  education sector and explore ways   academic  expertise  to its  respective
          and  the region’s largest exporter to   to develop knowledge exchange channels   communities.

                               SEDD confirms its support to
                         Emiratisation in the business sector

          H.E. Sultan Abdullah bin  Hedah Al-
          Suwaidi, chairman of the Sharjah Economic
          Development  Department  (SEDD),
          received Nada Abdullah Al Turaifi,
          chairperson of  Sharjah Youth  Council,
          and Ahmed bu Kalah, member of Sharjah
          Youth Council, in the presence of number
          of  departments’ directors  and  head of
          sections, to discuss means of cooperation
          and to strength coordination between the
          two parties and the formation of youth
          councils  in government as well as local
          institutions  and departments  under the
          Youth Ministry in the country.

          At the beginning  of  the meeting, Sultan   student cadres, according to the wise   economy characterized by knowledge
          Abdullah bin Hedah al-Suwaidi welcomed   vision of HH Ruler of Sharjah whom   and sustainability and enhancing the
          the delegation expressing his happiness   made Sharjah a place for science and   competitiveness of the country at the
          for the  visit and its role to promote   knowledge and laid the foundations   global level.
          cooperation  relations and accelerating   of competitiveness  and excellence in
          the development and leadership process   education as the best recruitment in   The  Chairman explained that he will
          towards  the global challenges. He said   the  development process  that is  the   be pursuing the process of establishing
          that the Department works according to   investment in human resources.  the youth council in the Department to
          the wise vision of HH Sheikh Dr. Sultan                              enable young people to meet their needs
          bin  Muhammed Al Qasimi, Supreme   Al-Suwaidi noted that supporting   in the belief of the importance of young
          Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, to   the knowledge-based economy and   people who seek to renaissance of the
          implement the values of giving in the youth   developing innovation are two key   country and society.
          and invest them in meeting the aspirations   components  in the growth of licenses
          and orientations of the wise leadership in   in the emirate. He added that the   From her side, Nada Al Turaifi, Head of
          empowering them and developing their   Department is keen to exchange   Sharjah Youth Council, said that Sharjah
          abilities to qualify them to become leaders   visits with various institutions and   made the youth among its priorities
          in the future and to build an integrated   departments in the framework of its   for many years, stating that the youth
          generation that is capable of exploring   keenness to strengthen the cooperation   councils will work to develop the best
          and leading in the future.        relations and speed up the development   policies and future plans to support young
                                            processes and the mutual work system,   people and they will participate in the
          Al-Suwaidi clarified that throughout   to find outputs that serve all parties to   implementation of these plans, according
          the past three years, the Department   improve the levels of service provided to   to the ambitions and hopes of young
          worked with the universities and   investors. He noted that the emirate is   people who are working to raise the level
          educational centers as well as supported   going towards building a strong and solid   of their scientific and practical skills.
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