Page 8 - Al Tijarah - October 2018
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global business owners and entrepreneurs   clear and detailed information  on   through the new centre.
          in Sharjah, and will play an integral role   requirements,  necessary  documents and
          in  facilitating  high-level and  mid-level   clear timeline  on approval processes,   Commenting on the significance of the
          investments  across a variety  of sectors   reflecting  on  the emirate’s commitment   joint venture, His Excellency Marwan bin
        47  within the emirate.             to further develop its economy through   Jassim Al Sarkal said: “The establishment
                                            transparency and high-end business-
                                                                               of the new investors centre as a joint-
          The latest initiative by Shurooq and Injazat   friendly initiatives.  venture with Injazat reflects on  our
          falls under the series of innovative ideas                           mission and  vision  to  form  innovative
          and frameworks highlighted  by more   The announcement came after the signing   and unique partnerships,  and implement
          than 200  representatives  of  Sharjah’s   of the  memorandum  of understanding   unique initiatives that function as strategic
          government sector, during the  second   between Shurooq and Injazat, which took   incentives to investors and entrepreneurs
          Sharjah Forum in 2017, which was titled   place between His Excellency Marwan bin   setting up their businesses in Sharjah.”
          as “The Future of Sharjah”.       Jassim Al Sarkal, Executive Chairman of
                                            the Sharjah Investment and Development   He continued: “Our key objective behind
          The centre is supported by a set of   Authority (Shurooq), and Khamis bin   the new and first investors’ centre is to
          highly trained staff members and service   Salim  Al Suwaidi, Chairman  of Injazat   expand on our on-going  operations for
          providers who are reinforced by a digitally   Board, and in the presence of numerous   Sharjah’s economic and social sustainability
          integrated  communication  network,  representatives from both parties.  and infrastructure, and build on the
          directly connected with the emirate’s state                          emirate’s competitive advantage for being
          entities and departments responsible for   Shurooq’s  specialised  role  behind  the   one of the  most  attractive investment
          issuing licenses and necessary documents   new joint-venture will include facilitating   destinations in the region.”  He added:
          related to setting-up businesses, allowing   the communication network between   “The centre builds on  Sharjah’s diverse
          investors to  complete their processes   the centre and concerned government   economy and resources, and functions as
          with transparency, quality and efficiency.  departments and authorities in Sharjah,   a focal unit in its unique business-friendly
                                            allowing the unification of licensing   environment, and will play a major added
          The investors’ centre will also function as   procedures and approval documents   value in  the emirate’s economic  growth
          an integral information  point, providing   in the emirate streamlined to investors   and diversification.”

                                       Partnership between

                        Ajman and Sharjah business women

          The Ajman businesswomen,  affiliate
          of  Ajman  chamber for  commerce and
          industry, signed a partnership with Sharjah
          ladies  Club, to exchange  experiences
          and enhance institutional cooperation
          and  partnership in empowering woman.
          The agreement was signed by Dr. Amna
          Kalifa Al Ali,  chairperson of Ajman
          businesswomen,  and Khawla  Jassem  Al
          Serkal, director general of Sharjah ladies

          Dr. Aman stressed the importance of   two sides to reach results in supporting   both sides, along with providing discounts
          this partnership and its impact on roles   and empowering woman and  business   to their members and cooperation to
          integrity and enhancement of joint work, in   woman.  Also to encourage and facilitate   promote the events, and the formation
          addition to exchange institutional expertise   joint activities, and come up with events   of a joint work team to facilitate the
          and launch effective initiatives between the   to  embody the  strategic  objectives of   implementation of the agreement.
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