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opportunities of the Dubai Expo 2020.  government's commitment to free trade   the world, converting  it into  a business
          Al Mazrouei said that these achievements   and its unique benefits which have made it   center  for  more  than 8,000  companies
          are a livid demonstration of the Sharjah   a leading platform for doing business with   from 160 countries.

        47                      Sharjah wins the GFC award

          Sharjah Government has won the
          “Sovereign  Debt  Financing  Deal  of  the
          Year” at the ceremony of the bonds,
          loans and Sukuk awards in the Middle
          East, presented by the GFC media group,
          in recognition of its successful issuance of
          Panda Bonds, worth of 2 billion Chinese
          Yuan (316 million dollars).

          The award  recognizes  the  success  of
          Sharjah continuous efforts since February
          2018, following the completion of a
          lengthy and unfamiliar, and ultimately
          obtained an excellent financial result.

          Waleed Al Sayegh, Director General of
          Sharjah Finance Department said: “We   is an opportunity to raise the profile of   in China’s Panda bond market with
          are honored to receive this recognition   the Middle East’s financial markets with   a coupon  rate of  5.8% in February
          of our successful issuance of RMB 2   the international investment community,   2018  and maturity in February 2021.
          billion Panda Bond in February 2018,   and to inspire future issuance by Middle   The  Lead  Bookrunners for the  bond
          the first such deal in the Middle East.   Eastern entities".         were Bank of China, with ICBC as Joint
          The award reflects the professionalism,                              Bookrunner  and  HSBC, and  Standard
          commitment and industry knowledge of   Sharjah Finance Department raised   Chartered Bank acting  as Joint  Lead
          our entire team”, adding that the award   RMB 2 billion, or  US$  316  million,   Underwriters.

                        14.6 billion dirhams in the real estate

                         transactions in Sharjah in 9 months

          A total of  14.6  billion dirhams of  real                           Director of the Department of Real
          estate transactions  were registered  in                             Estate  Registration in Sharjah,  said that
          Sharjah  during the  first nine months  of                           the number of  transactions during the
          2018,  in approximately  171  different                              past  year reached  37,748 transactions,
          areas for  2415  real estate contracts                               while it reached 40,028 transactions until
          with a total area of more than 40 million                            the end of last September, registering a
          square feet and mortgages amounted to                                growth rate of 6% over the number of
          8.8 billion dirhams, according to a report                           transactions last year.
          issued  by the Real Estate  Registration
          Department in Sharjah.                                               He attributed this growth to investment
                                                                               incentives and opportunities, and to the
          Abdul Aziz Ahmad Al  Shamsi,  General                                diversity of options and financing facilities
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