Page 6 - Al Tijarah - December 2018
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The UAE Planning Forum foresees the future

                                     of education and health

        47  The UAE Economic  Planning  Forum,

          organized  by the Sharjah Economic
          Development   Department,   with
          strategic support from the Ministry of
          Economy  and  the Abu Dhabi Economic
          Development  Department,  under the
          slogan “Future Economy Accelerators...
          Knowledge... Innovation... and Developing
          Human Cadres”, included four work
          sessions, with the participation of an elite
          of speakers and experts from a number of
          government and private institutions.

          The first  morning  session entitled
          “Achievements  towards Emirates Vision
          2021”, focused on the  aim  of the  UAE
          government to increase  the  proportion
          citizens working in both the  public and
          private sectors, the role of the government
          in easing the business  environment   experience of Dubai future accelerators,   through 100 years. Dr Amer Mohamed
          and providing better services,  and the   the role of the integration program in   Jasser,  Vice President Al Ain University
          importance of local and international   support of innovation and patent platform   of science and technology, shed light on
          governmental partnerships to achieve the   in the UAE, and at the end of the session   the university education and foreseeing
          competitiveness of the state and its future   attendants discussed the program: “Start   the future, discussing the State initiatives
          objctives.                        your business in 15 minutes".      foreseeing future sectors represented
                                                                               in UAE centenary 2071, to develop
          The second session entitled “Accelerators   The Forum's third session  addressed   economic and industrial strategy looking
          of future economy in the UAE”, discussed   "Foreseeing the future  sector", as   to  the future  national economic sectors
          the government accelerators in applying   Dr Hamid Mujul Al Nuaimi, Sharjah   within the sectors of  education, health
          intellectual property, the successful digital   University, chancellor talked about  the   and  human capital under  the digital
          transformation experience in Ajman, the   future of University of Sharjah education   technology and artificial intelligence.

                                        SEDD organizes the

                        Building and Construction Industries

          Sultan Abdullah Bin Haddah Al Suwaidi,   the department with the participation of   the Housing Department.
          chairman of the Sharjah Economic   a number of government departments,
          Development Department, (SEDD)    factories and private companies that   The exhibition and forum of the
          inaugurated the Sharjah Industries for   are active in this sector. The event was   Sharjah Industries for Building and
          building and construction exhibition and   attended by Sheikh Majid Bin Sultan   Construction, aimed at those planning
          forum under the title "Everything you   Bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Director of the   to build their houses, owners of
          need to build your home: excellence,   Districts & Villages Affairs Department,   construction companies, designers and
          competence and quality" organized by   and Eng. Khalifa Al Taneeji, chairman of   architects of decoration, and dealers
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