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integration of these  findings in our   sector, which contributed  more than   accounting for 8.8 per cent of the total
          strategy will add significant momentum   AED 9 billion to the total gross domestic   contribution of tourism and travel sector
          to the growth of the emirate’s  tourism   product (GDP)  of AED  102.5 billion,   to the GDP.”

        47    SCTDA Receives Three New ISO Certifications

          The Sharjah Commerce and  Tourism                                    as well as repetition and unnecessary
          Development  Authority  (SCTDA)                                      costs. The strategic directions set by the
          announced that it has added three new                                Government of Sharjah to establish best
          ISO certifications - ISO 9001, 14001 and                             practices in the business environment are
          18001 - to its portfolio of achievements.                            also in line with the highest standards of
          The certifications highlight the Authority’s                         excellence and efficiency.”
          commitment to implementing the highest
          standards of excellence  in the  emirate’s                           The ISO certifications reflect SCTDA’s
          tourism sector. The efforts also ensure a                            success  in  establishing  seamless
          seamless, speedy and flexible operations                             operations through the introduction
          management  to achieve  the  highest                                 of an integrated system to manage
          levels of customer satisfaction. Constant                            resources, quality, risks,  occupational
          upgrading  of  management systems and                                safety  and  well-being  of  its employees.
          enhancement  of services  to deliver the                             The recognitions will also motivate
          best tourism experience to visitors plays                            the  Authority’s employees to work
          an integral role in making the emirate of                            to a unified system and will facilitate
          Sharjah  the  most  preferred destination                            procedures and transactions that create
          for visitors and tourists from all over the   ISO certifications SCTDA has  garnered   the best workplace environment.
          world.                            reflect the Authority's adherence to
                                            the highest international  standards  of   SCTDA secured the  three  new ISO
          Khalid Jasim Al Midfa, Chairman of SCTDA,   quality and our keenness  to constantly   certifications after a comprehensive
          said: “Following the wise leadership   improve the manner  in which services   auditing process which covered various
          of His Highness  Sheikh  Dr. Sultan bin   are provided to customers. These efforts   procedures, operations and  systems
          Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of  the   form part of a well-defined strategy aimed   across the Authority’s departments and
          Supreme Council of the Union and Ruler   at making Sharjah an ideal destination   the effectiveness  of its products and
          of Sharjah to raise the emirate's position   for  sustainable tourism, benefitting  our   services  in line with requirements and
          as a leading global destination, the latest   business processes, reducing  waste   customer satisfaction.

                  “Invest in Sharjah” expands its partnership

                                       during “Going Global”

          The Sharjah FDI Office “Invest in   industry experts and businesses from   Global", and attended by economic
          Sharjah” participated in the 'Going   20 European countries.         experts and specialists representing
          Global'  Exhibition  in  London,                                     the major business sectors such as
          which is one of the most important   Mohamed Juma Al Musharrkh, CEO of   technology and logistics, in addition
          European exhibitions availing strategic   Invest in Sharjah, presented a seminar   to about 60 business suppliers
          partnerships  with   international  titled "Sharjah: Your Gateway to the   participating at the event, as well
          institutions and companies wanting to   Middle East", during the “Foreign   as experts in providing services
          expand their business in the Middle   Direct Investment Expo", which   and  solutions  for  seekers  of  foreign
          East. The event was attended by 80   took place on the sidelines of "Going   investments.
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