Page 9 - Al Tijarah - December 2018
P. 9

Al Musharrkh explained that the
        federal  decrees such as the one
        recently issued by the UAE President
        His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed
        Al Nahyan, which aims to promote and                                                                  47
        support the investment environment,
        and sustainability of growth of foreign
        direct investment, is a quality addition
        to Sharjah’s direct foreign investment
        and support the endeavors of the
        office to connect investors with the
        promising sectors in Sharjah.                                                                         SHARJAH ACTIVITIES
                    Sharjah for Asset Management honors

                                   an Emirati entrepreneur

        Proceeding from its desire to support excellent entrepreneurs in
        the UAE, Waleed Al Sayegh, CEO of Sharjah Asset Management,
        honored Ahmed  Abdullah  Al-Jazeeri,  founder of "Creation &
        Innovation commercial brokers," in recognition of his efforts in
        empowering the  company of global strategic partnerships  to
        develop innovative projects that promote economic development
        in the Emirate.

        Waleed Al Sayegh said: “We always seek to achieve globalism
        and we are proud of our citizens, leaders and entrepreneurs,
        who help us achieve this goal, and Ahmed Abdullah Al Jazeeri, is
        one of those creative who gave us all possible support to build
        more successful partnerships in diverse area of the world”.

                                 SAIF Zone offers benefits

                               to businesses and investors

        Saud Salim Al Mazrouei, head  of the                                 over  2 billion persons in less than  four
        Hamriyah Free Zone Authority and the                                 hours by air, its proximity to the Gulf of
        Sharjah Airport  Free Zone Authority,                                Oman and the Arabian Sea, making it a
        reviewed the benefits offered by Sharjah                             gateway to global operations for more
        Airport Free  Zone to businesses  and                                than 6,500 companies.
        investors.  The  most important is  the
        availability  of 100% foreign ownership                              This came during the participation of the
        and the ability to transfer100% of capital                           authority in the World Executive Heads
        and profits abroad, 100%  free money                                 Forum 2018 in Dubai, Platinum's sponsor
        transfer, private  and corporate  tax                                of the  event, with  the  presence  of a
        exemption and a strategic location next                              number of influential international figures
        to Sharjah  International Airport that                               and  business leaders from  around  the
        provides access to  a market that holds                              world to highlight the promising business
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