Page 10 - Al Tijarah - February 2019
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Sharjah chamber participates in the second Saudi

                         Emirati Economic Forum in Riyadh

       48  The Sharjah chamber of  commerce and

         industry took part in the second Saudi-
         UAE Economic Forum, held in Riyadh,
         and organized by the Abu Dhabi chamber
         of commerce and industry in cooperation
         with the Ministry of Economy, the UAE
         Federation of Chambers  of  Commerce
         and Industry, the Saudi Ministry of
         Commerce and Investment and the Saudi
         federation of chamber of commerce. The
         forum was held  under the  chairmanship
         of Eng. Sultan bin Saeed  Al  Mansouri,
         Minister of Economy of the United Arab
         Emirates, and Dr. Majid Bin Abdullah Al
         Qasabi Minister of Trade and Investment,
         Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Present of were
         Dr. Sami Abdulla Al Obeidi, chairman of
         the Saudi Chambers and Abdullah Sultan
         Al Owais, Vice chairman of  the UAE
         Federation of Chambers,  a number of
         officials and top investors and about 200
         of Emirati and Saudi businessmen.

         In his speech,  Abdullah Sultan Al Owais
         stressed  on the  excellent  economic
         relations between the UAE and the Saudi
         Arabia, pointing out that the direct Saudi
         investments  in the UAE increased by
         more than 25% during the past five years,
         to  more than 17 billion dirhams by the
         end of 2017, to come fifth on the list of
         the highest  countries  investing directly
         in the  UAE.  Saudi Arabia is  also  the
         fourth trade partner of Emirates around
         the world, and the first in the Gulf and
         Arab area, adding that the trade volume
         reached about 38.4 billion dirhams during
         the first half of 2018.

         The  forum witnessed  two sessions, the
         first session  dealt with projects and   Saudi Chambers,  Chairman of Medina   bilateral meetings  discussing investment
         investment opportunities in the UAE and   chamber, had discussed the future of the   opportunities in various sectors including
         was chaired by Abdullah Sultan Al Owais,   Saudi-Emirati partnership.  trade, industry, technology, consulting,
         the second session, headed by Munir bin                              media, banking,  financial  services, food
         Saad, Vice President of the Council of   The Forum concluded with Saudi, Emirati   security and energy sector.
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