Page 8 - Al Tijarah - February 2019
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various sectors.                  Saud Salim Al Mazrouei, Director   can be combined together and be used as
                                           of the Sharjah Airport Free Zone   larger facilities for  both manufacturing
         The project is expected to be completed   Authority, stated that developing   and logistic purposes.  He stressed the
         by the 4th quarter of this year, and about   and constructing new warehouses   free zone’s commitment to enhancing its
       48  70 per cent of the construction  of the   in  accordance with  the highest   position as a prominent free zone known
         project has been completed, which will
                                           international standards and practices,
                                                                              for its services and initiatives, as well as
         consist of  modern  warehouses with an   constitutes a message to investors   attracting foreign investments  to the
         area of  600  square meters  each. Each   that the Sharjah Airport International   Emirate of Sharjah.
         warehouse is equipped with basic and   Free Zone is moving forward with
         advanced equipment,  as well as inbuilt   its plans to develop its infrastructure   “We expect that the  final phase  of the
         air conditioned offices, and basic facilities   in order to meet the needs of its   “New Warehouses” Project will be ready
         such as kitchens and  bathrooms. The   customers.                    for occupancy by the end of 2019, which
         warehouses  also contain  innovative                                 will help to enhance the free zone’s status
         roofing systems that reduce heat intake,   Al Mazrouei  pointed  out  that the new   as an essential pillar in attracting foreign
         which contributes to the conservation   warehouses will provide  investors with   investments  from key sectors in order
         of resources, and provides high levels of   a competitive advantage, since they are   to support the economic diversification
         security and safety.              built in such way that multiple warehouses   plans,” added Al Mazrouei.

                  Labour Standards Development Authority

                                 launches its five-year plan

         The   Sharjah  Labour   Standards
         Development Authority  (SLSDA) has
         unveiled its  five-year plan (2019-2023)
         during a meeting with its strategic partners
         held recently at the Sharjah Chamber of
         Commerce and Industry (SCCI).

         The  meeting was attended by Salem
         Yousef Al Qaseer, Chairman of the SLSDA,
         and senior officials of the government and
         private sectors in Sharjah. The attendees
         were briefed on  the details of  the plan
         which  was  prepared by an international
         strategic planning company.

         The objectives of  the plan and  means   as well as its strategic initiatives that will be   HE Salem Yousef Al Qaseer, Chairman
         to implement  it were discussed by the   launched by the SLSDA during the coming   of the (SLSDA), said”: In line with
         attendees  representing more than 33   period. As a part of the strategic initiative,   the vision of our wise leadership and
         government and private establishments   SLSDA aims to empower labourers and   the instructions of our government
         who mainly discussed how to support the   employers, develop beneficial partnerships   in building a harmonious society that
         SLSDA's efforts to improve quality of the   in the labour sector, strengthen labourers   provide the economic bases that meet
         working  environment in the emirate of   and employers relationships and increase   the aspirations of citizens, residents,
         Sharjah, with an aim to achieve the ideal   innovative labour services, in addition to   investors and workers and employers,
         work environment for the  workers and   enhance effective labour policies to foster   the LSDA has been keen to improve
         their employers in the emirate.   a culture of innovation and productivity,   the level of institutional performance to
                                           and to increase reliance on partners’   become a model in developing the labor
         The meeting reviewed output of the plan,   resources.                sector. "
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