Page 11 - Al Tijarah - March 2019
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by Sultan Abdullah bin Hedah Al    in Sharjah’s events. The board also   foreign investments which bring modern
         Suwaidi, “Ruwad”, and the members   adopted a plan of action for the year   technology that supply the sector
         reviewed a report on the achievements   2019, set a time period for completion   competitive factors with global industrial
         of the foundation in 2018, a number of   of conversion of conventional services   sectors. He added that the latest
         issues, suggestions, initiatives and ideas   to digital services.    data issued by the  Sharjah  Economic
         to support the young citizens owning                                 Development Department points to the   48
         small and medium projects, including the   Al Suwaidi said that the industrial sector   continued growth of business licenses for
         activation of government procurement   in Sharjah  kept  a high  growth pace   industrial projects in the  Emirate which
         and strengthening the participation   steadily  with State moving towards   is an  evidence on  Sharjah investment
         of the foundation and its members   specialized  industrial zones, attracting   attractiveness.

                             SEDD organises 2nd session of                                                      SHARJAH ACTIVITIES

                                   “Making Change Forum”

         Sharjah   Economic   Development
         Department (SEDD) organised the
         second session of  “Making  Change”
         Forum at which many governmental and
         private bodies participated in Sharjah
         Center for Astronomy & Space Sciences.
         This Forum was held in order  to stress
         SEDD’s concerns on the  importance
         of cooperation  and coordination with
         specialists  and to embody the efforts
         placed  to enhance  economic working
         mechanisms in Sharjah.
         The Forum “Making Change” began with
         a panel  discussion that  was contributed
         by numbe of entities such as Ministry of
         Human Resources  and Emiratisation,
         Bee'ah Sharjah Environment  Co. LLC,
         Sharjah Civil Defense, and SEDD.

         The  panel’s discussion dealt with a
         number of themes as the concept of the
         Emiratisation  Partners Club initiative in
         addition to the incentives and advantages
         offered by this initiative to its members.
         Also, it included a topic about the strategic
         partnership  with the  environment to
         achieve sustainable investment which was
         given  by Bee’ah’s representative. Then
         Sharjah Civil Defense focused on the safety
         and  security  standards  in  the industrial
         environment  of  the Emirate. Later on,
         SEDD highlighted  a report on achieving
         the goals of  sustainable development in
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