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           04   Sharjah Activities                               Board Members

                                                                 Abdullah Bin Sultan Mohamed Al Owais
           13   Chamber Branches
                                                                 Sheikh Majid Bin Faisal Bin Khalid Bin Khalid
                                                                 Al Qasimi
           14   Chamber Activities
                                                                 Walid Abdul Rahman Bukhatir

           21   The Road to the Gold Jubilee                     Ziad Mahmoud Khairallah Al-Hajji
                                                                 Ahmad Mohamad Obeid Eissa Al Nabooda

           22   Cover Story                                      Jamal Mohamed Sultan Bin Howayden
                                                                 Mohamed Rashid Ali Al Dimas
           24   A Tale of A City                                 Raghda Hamad Omran Taryam

                                                                 Sarah Abdel Wahab Al Madani  Editorial Board
           26   Bright Examples                                  Abdullah Ibrahim Deiefas  Abdullah Bin Sultan Mohamed Al Owais
                                                                                        Editor in Chief
                                                                 Obeid Awad Al Tuneiji
           27   Our Legal consultant
                                                                 Ali Mohamed Abdullah Al Khayal  Mohamed Ahmed Amin
                                                                                        Chief Editor
           28   Special Report                                   Mohamed Ali Marzouq Bin Kamel
                                                                 Mohamed Helal Al Hezami  Jamal Saeed Bozinjal
                                                                                        Manager Editorial Support
           30   Our Affiliate Establishments                     Nasser Musabeh Ahmed Al Teneiji
                                                                                        Amal Ibrahim Alhosany
                                                                 Sultan Mohamed Hussein Al Mulla  Editorial Support
           33   New at the Library                               Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Al Shihi
                                                                                        Khawla Obeid Alshamsi
                                                                 Ali Obeid Ali Obeid Al Zaabi  Design
           34   Special Interview

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