Page 5 - Al Tijarah - March 2019
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Editorial Message

               The UAE has a clear vision and specific road map for achieving diversification of its economy and ensuring realization of
               sustainable development. Thus the UAE has been in the forefront of region's states in terms of competitiveness. In this
               respect, the government is determined utilize its outstanding achievements in the economic, social and cultural fields
               for enabling the UAE to become part of the best 10 countries in the world by 2021, when it  will celebrate its golden

               The UAE global pre-eminence as regards lifestyle, infrastructure, safety and security, all confirm that continued
               improvement of performance in vital economic and social spheres has become part of the daily practice of the
               government institutions, along with vibrant activities of the private sector enterprises. Hence the latest report of the
               United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on human development has acknowledged that the UAE has
               achieved “Very high human development” for its citizens and resident.

               As part of the UAE, Sharjah is an ideal example of the success of the state’s policies. Under the prudent directives of
               HH Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi the Emirate is actively contributing to the efforts for enhancing business
               relations with other countries, thereby boosting the UAE overall economic base.

               This March issue of Al Tijara contains many initiatives, events and fairs that have taken place in Sharjah with an eye
               on speeding up the pace of economic growth in the Emirate. Last month, the Emirate hosted “Discover Kerala” which
               confirms the stature of Sharjah as the gateway to the region’s markets. We will also read about the International
               Education Fair hosted by the Expo Centre with participation of more than 100 local and foreign academic institutions.

               Read the above and may more interesting articles and stories in this March issue of Al Tijara.

               Happy Reading!

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