Page 10 - Al Tijarah - July 2019
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and Italy have been changing  since they   empower national human capital.   “Therfeore,  we wanted to offer to the
         hosted the prestigious global event.                                 SLP participants, a unique platform to
                                           Reem bin Karam, Member of the Board   learn about some of the most successful
         Continuing its efforts to develop the   of Trustees of Rubu Qarn Foundation for   experiences in  leadership,  management
         capabilities of the current generation of   Creating Leaders and Innovators said:   and  organisational  behaviour –  showing
       48  Emirati leaders in the UAE, SLP 2019   “The partnership with SDA Bocconi aims   them  how these details  function within
         running under the theme, ‘Leading   to develop the leadership skills of these   an intercultural  dynamic. This would
         with Knowledge and Imagination’, has   Emirati employees  and nurture their   help us achieve one of the objectives of
         participants from both the nation’s   experience  in their respective  fields  of   the programme, which is to  enhance
         public  and private sectors. The   specialisation. It seeks to foster creativity   the expertise of young human capital in
         programme is a key component of   in organisations, enhance  the  innovation   Sharjah and prepare them to play a key
         SCD’s  overarching  strategy  to  fuel   environment in Sharjah,  and raise  the   role in driving the development process
         Sharjah and UAE’s efforts to equip and   capabilities of future leaders.   of UAE,” BinKaram added.

            Sharjah Business Women’s Council launches

                           the "Dialogue Majlis" platform

         Sharjah Business  Women’s Council launched the "Dialogue
         Majlis" platform as a new and exclusive initiative to its members,
         allowing them the opportunity to share knowledge and best
         business practices and learning from the experiences of
         experts and specialists in this field. The platform aims to attract
         new members to the Sharjah Business Women’s Council,
         provide inspiring models and motivate them to explore their
         capacities to establish their own companies and projects, by
         communicating with successful entrepreneurs and benefit from
         their experiences.

         H.H. Sheikha Hind bint Majid Al Qasimi, chairperson of the Sharjah   our members, in line with the Council's vision to enable women
         Business Women’s Council, said: “The Dialogue Majlis platform   to enter and compete in the business world, especially in light of
         is an innovative initiative aiming to  promote communication   the increasing number of emerging companies owned and run
         and interaction between the members of the Board of business   by women, which indicates the Council's success in achieving its
         women, by hosting discussions on various topics of interest to   objectives and its message”.

              Sharjah Oil Corporation continues working

                              on the liquefied gas station

         Sharjah National Oil  Corporation said                               project to ensure a steady supply of gas
         it is moving ahead with implementing                                 in time to meet the needs of the emirate
         its planned floating liquefied natural gas                           of energy in the future."
         (LNG) terminal project in the emirate.
                                                                              The corporation signed an agreement
         The corporation said, in a statement                                 in December 2017 with the German
         published by MEED, that: "The Sharjah                                energy firm Uniper to set up the floating
         National Oil Corporation continues                                   liquefied natural gas  (LNG) terminal
         its own plans concerning the Sharjah                                 project in waters off Sharjah’s Hamriyah
         liquefied natural gas project as a strategic                         port
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