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Editorial Message

               In implementing its long-term development plans, the UAE has adopted the strategy of creating a stable and balanced
               economy capable of withstanding the continuous changes that characterize present-day international economic scene.
               A key element in this policy has been promoting the role of the private sector in diversifying the sources of income.

               Thus the ascent of the UAE has witnessed realization of numerous advances in the various business fields spurred by
               the government’s support for non-oil sectors.

               The government’s emphasis on diversification of the sources of income has been instrumental in reducing dependence
               on the contribution of the oil sector to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). UAE’s policies of supporting the various
               business sectors has specifically given impetus to the industrial sector.

               In this issue of Al Tijara the magazine’s monthly interview is with Mr. Lalo Samuel who heads the Sharjah Chamber’s
               representative committee of the industrial sector. Mr. Samuel sheds light on the role of the chamber and the other
               local and federal authorities in extending support to the Sharjah-based manufacturing units.

               This July issue contains various stories on the activities of the chamber in the preceding month. The chamber’s senior
               staff held meeting with a business a delegation from Uzbekistan on prospects of boosting business ties between the
               two countries. The chamber has also signed a memorandum of understanding with the Emirates Society for Consumer
               Protection with an eye on preserving the rights of consumers as well as developing the national economy.

               Sharjah is presently witnessing a boom in the real estate development projects. In this issue we will read about Arada’s
               handing over houses to various potential residents of the Nasma project, as well signing construction contracts for
               phases four and five of the same project. This issue’s cover story is on Ajmal Makan – the largest frontwater project in

               Read the above and many other stories and articles in this July issue of Al Tijara.

               Happy Reading!

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