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at the opening  of  the "Ruwad" forum   Foundation's objectives  to support   well as to build and consolidate existing
         organized  by the Foundation  recently   pioneering projects "Ruwad" to sponsor   project partnerships  with government
         in Al Jawaher hall for  conferences and   and support UAE small and medium-sized   agencies that provide diversified benefits
         events.  Present  were members  of the   enterprises in the emirate. This, he said,   and facilities  to ensure the success of
         Board of Directors, the  director of the   will enable Ruwad to provide financial and   projects in the emirate and its continuous
         "Ruwad" foundation and 100 supported   technical support  and  create the right   development.         48
         entrepreneurs, as well as representatives   environment  for  the establishment  and
         of government agencies,  led by the   development  of these  start-ups, which   During  the Forum, Fatima Al Ali,
         National Program for Small and Medium   contributes  to  motivating  entrepreneurs   Director of Projects Support and Finance
         Enterprises  at the Ministry of Economy,   to lead and innovate while promoting the   Department launched an initiative entitled
         Sharjah Central Finance Department and   development of the emirate.  "Networking  - Tashbeek",  to facilitate
         Expo 2020 Dubai.                                                     interaction,  networking  and  integration
                                            He called on  Emirati entrepreneurs   among enterprises.  It also  provides  the
         Al Suwaidi praised  the  active role of   who are passionate, innovative and   opportunity for each enterprise to benefit   SHARJAH ACTIVITIES
         strategic partners from government   looking  forward  to  the future  to  take   from the services of the other enterprises
         and  private entities and  financial and   advantage of the outcomes of these   as  well  as  and helping  in the  exchange
         community   institutions  and  their  successful partnerships and  services   of services  and products at competitive
         fruitful cooperation in achieving Sharjah   provided  to  entrepreneurial projects, as   prices.

                Sharjah innovation and Masdar study the

                     implementation of research projects

         Sharjah  Research,  Technology and
         Innovation Park (SRTI Park) has signed a
         Memorandum of  Understanding  (MoU)
         with Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company
         (Masdar) to collaborate and coordinate in
         a number of areas related to the future
         of knowledge economy and to study the
         implementation  of  joint initiatives and
         projects that  contribute to the  UAE's
         innovation ecosystem.

         The MoU was signed by Hussain Al
         Mahmoudi, CEO of SRTI Park, and Yousef
         Baselaib, executive director of Sustainable   a general framework for  strategic   critical areas that are fundamental to the
         Urban Development at Masdar. The two   cooperation between them  and to   future of the UAE's knowledge economy.
         parties will explore areas of cooperation   benefit from  expertise in all relevant   He pointed out that this cooperation
         to promote the  growth of the  various   areas as well as cooperating in the study   translates  the  SRTI Park's strategy and
         technology sectors under the  park's   and implementation  of joint projects   vision to  introduce all kinds of  future
         six focus  areas: Water Technology;   and initiatives  that contribute to the   technologies,  which  makes  it  imperative
         Digitization; Transport and Logistics;   promotion of research and development   for us as an application and test center for
         Environmental Technology; Renewable   of the UAE in all segments.    all innovative sciences and technologies
         Technology; Production,  Design  and                                 to intensify  the  efforts to search for
         Architecture,  in addition to support the   Hussain Al Mahmoudi said that this MoU   partnerships  with various governmental
         development expertise business in these   will support SRTI Park as well as Masdar   and private entities in order to make the
         areas.                             to enable them  to achieve  their goals   park a regional development  center for
         The two parties will work  to  develop   through joint cooperation in a number of   the technologies of the Future
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