Page 10 - Al Tijarah - July 2020
P. 10

Expo Centre Sharjah joins the world in

                   celebrating Global Exhibitions Day 2020

         The Sharjah Expo Centre, along with
         national exhibition federations and
         exhibition centers around the world,
         participated in the celebration of
         Global Exhibitions Day 2020, which
         falls on June 3rd each year, by posting
         on the Centre’s social media platforms
         a  video  highlighting  the  importance
         of the conferences and exhibitions as
         a vital method for humanitarian and
         cultural communication, in addition to
         their key role in driving and turning
         the economic growth into better

         In this context, His Excellency Saif
         Mohammed Al Midfa, the CEO of
         Expo Centre Sharjah, said: “This year,
         we have been keen to share the Global
         Exhibitions Day with the world, in light
         of the spread of COVID-19 and its
         severe repercussions on conferences
         and exhibition industry, which include
         job opportunities, doing business,
         innovation, investment, culture, etc., as
         well as referring to the role played by
         exhibition centers in various emirates
         of the UAE, placing them at the disposal
         of government and health agencies and
         turning them into field hospitals, as a
         national duty that we are proud to
         present in times of challenges.".

         Al Midfa pointed out to the important
         and effective role of the conferences
         and exhibitions sectors in the states’
         economic life, in increasing the national   adopted by Sharjah’s government,
         income and the achievement of     singling out the Expo Centre with a
         sustainable economic development,   number of them, which will greatly
         emphasizing that this sector is   contribute to boosting the confidence
         an integral part of the economic   of the business community and local
         recovery plans, and its importance is   and international companies in the
         no less than the importance of other   exhibitions industry. Al Midfa called on
         economic sectors. He referred to   the whole world to redefine the way
         the stimulus package adopted by the   exhibitions are held through investing
         UAE to support the public and private   in the new technologies and developing
         institutions, business sectors, and   a new concept of conferences and
         individuals, and the economic incentives   exhibitions sector.
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