Page 5 - Al Tijarah - July 2020
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         Technology and  Innovation  Complex,   to know  Sharjah Research,  Technology   Sharjah and the Northern Emirates of the   49
         saying:  "We did not hesitate  to choose   and Innovation Park was its collaboration   UAE, revealing his  company's intention
         the Park, because when I first met with   with the nearby university city, and the   to support local facilities in purifying the
         his  team, it was  clear  that  its  members   tremendous support that His Highness   mixed energy  sources they use, and
         had a vision of the future and the ability   Sheikh  Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al-  reducing  energy costs for  the segments
         to think forward, and were keen to make   Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council   of the end customers, pointing out that
         tremendous achievements, through their   and  Ruler  of  Sharjah, provided to  the   the company looks forward to expanding
         desire to support start-ups and support   complex and scientific research."  in the  markets  of the  Gulf region by
         them through their system." He explained                             2021, through the conclusion of strategic
         that: "One of the things I liked when I got   He added that the target market now is   partnerships.

              37 thousand transactions achieved by “SEDD”

         Sharjah   Economic   Development                                     and through its  electronic portal, and
         Department  (SEDD) revealed that                                     20,170  transactions through  service
         9,000  licenses were completed from                                  centers.
         the beginning of March until the end of
         May 2020, while the  total number of                                 Sultan  Abdullah Bin Haddah Al
         services  provided by the Department                                 Suwaidi, Chairman of the Department,
         during the same period totalled 37,444                               confirmed that these data indicate the
         transactions through service centers                                 continuity of the  economic business
         and digital services.                                                environment at a steady  pace, adding
                                                                              that the economic incentives launched
         In detail, the licenses completed by the                             by the Executive Council in the emirate
         Department from the beginning of March                               has  contributed greatly to motivating
         to the end of May included the issuance                              the business sectors in Sharjah.
         of  497  new licenses,  the renewal of
         7,435 licenses, and the modification of   17,274  digital transactions  provided   Fahd  Al-Khumairi,  Director  of
         1,068 licenses, and its services included   through smart service applications   Registration and Licensing at the
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