Page 6 - Al Tijarah - July 2020
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Department,  said that the  ongoing   projects and initiatives, stressing that the   the  customers  ensured that  services
         efforts and partnership between the   provision of advanced digital services   are provided to them  smoothly  and
         Department and private companies have   and  the use of  the latest technologies   safely, contributed to encouraging and
         contributed to the coming up with joint   to communicate with partners and   stimulating their business.
               Sharjah Airport receives silver accreditation
                                         for green airports

         Sharjah  Airport has  been awarded the
         Silver Green Airports Accreditation
         2020 for the water management, quality
         improvement and  recycling  category,  as
         part of the Conservation Program, which
         was issued by the Asia-Pacific International
         Airports Council.

         The award  was presented to  H.E. Ali
         Salim Al Midfa, the chairman of Sharjah
         Airport Authority, as it reflects the airport
         efforts and keenness to adopt the highest
         sustainability  standards, in line with the
         UAE strategy for green development.

         Sharjah Airport  has succeeded in
         strengthening its operations in  various
         environmental aspects,  through the   Ali Salim Al Midfa, said that the Sharjah   and Vision 2021.
         design of the new wastewater treatment   Airport’s accreditation is a reflection of
         plant, which has  been included in the   its continuous efforts to preserve the   Sustainability is the key focus of Sharjah
         list of  credits, as it adopts the latest   environment by adopting many green   Airport operations, following a strategy of
         environmentally friendly technologies   initiatives and programs, in line with   reducing, reusing and recycling consumed
         with high capacity to treat large quantities   the UAE's commitment to sustainable   resources, the airport environmental
         of wastewater  without leaving any   development, which is part of the   initiatives includes strict  control over
         environmental impact.             UAE's Green Development Strategy   electricity and water consumption.

         Businessmen send a message of thanks to Sharjah

               and praise the efforts of the wise leadership

         A   number   of   presidents  and  "Covid-19", through the  launch of the   interest of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan
         representatives  of  companies and  the   stimulus  package recently approved by   bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the
         private sector expressed their thanks and   the  Government of Sharjah,  to support   Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah, in the
         appreciation to the Emirate of  Sharjah,   government, private, business sectors and   business  environment, and his  keenness
         praising the support of its wise leadership   individuals.           to support them in these  exceptional
         and work to overcome all the challenges                              circumstances,  and to harness  all  the
         facing them, in light of the global changes   The  businessmen stressed  that the   potentials to reduce the negative effects
         and developments  associated with the   incentive package approved by the   on the  business  community in Sharjah,
         repercussions  of the  new Coronavirus   Government of Sharjah  reflects the   to prove the emirate as a stimulating
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