Page 7 - Al Tijarah - July 2020
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environment capable of maintaining and
         developing foreign direct investment, by
         enhancing  trust  between the public and
         private sectors.

         This came through their interaction                                                                    49
         with the media campaign launched by
         the Sharjah Advisory Council, recently,
         represented by the Committee on
         Finance, Economic and Industrial Affairs,
         under the slogan "We will get out of it,
         God willing", to shed light on the package
         of economic stimuli, where they expressed
         their opinions through disseminating film                                                              SHARJAH ACTIVITIES
         material via  social networking  sites,  to   said, has always been a strategic choice   take the positive steps to ensure that the
         confirm that Sharjah continues  to be   for investment because it is  always  a   market recovers and keeps away from
         the gateway to investment and business,   guarantee of prosperity of the business   any crises that may occur, stressing that
         with no limits to ambitions and no end   community through unprecedented   Sharjah will continue to be a platform for
         to aspirations, to invest in the values of   decisions that accelerate the pace of   success stories and a model of recovery
         success and  sustainability.  Sharjah,  they   economic growth, and it is the first to   to follow.

           “Qatra” doubles Sharjah's wastewater treatment

                                          capacity by 2022

         Qatra Water Solutions, the joint project
         between the  Sharjah  Investment and
         Development   Authority,  Shurooq
         and BESX, and operating the  strategic
         wastewater treatment assets  in Sharjah,
         announced  it is planning  to  double its
         treatment capacity by 2022.

         Gurvan Dersel, General Manager at Qatra
         Water Solutions, said that the company is
         now focused on expanding its wastewater
         treatment capacity and  aims to double
         it by 2022  in order  to keep pace with
         Sharjah’s growing population.

         Qatra  is  managing  the wastewater  and   provide reliable and  affordable  reusable   “Qatra” has begun to operate an entirely
         reuse of water in Sharjah, 30,000 cubic   water to local farms.      new facility, producing and delivering high-
         meters of  sewage are treated daily,                                 quality water for non-drinking applications,
         in addition  to the redistribution of   Dersel  said  a  partnership  and  using the best available water treatment
         clean water and its use in irrigation and   development  project is  being worked   techniques, the first of its kind in Sharjah.
         construction.                      out in collaboration with the University
                                            of  Sharjah and  the Sharjah Research   The  general  manager of Qatra pointed
         Dersel said the recycle water filling plant   Academy on how to reuse treated water   out that every emirate in the country has
         was completed  by the  end of June to   on a large scale.            invested heavily in wastewater treatment
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