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over the past 20 years, but nearly 50%   He said that there are alternative   friendly than desalination, which
         of this  high-quality water is  discharged   disposal solutions, including storage   consumes more energy and causes
         into the environment, leading to "peating"   lakes that have become a haven for many   pollution, as the "Qatra" recycling plant
         and overheating of coastal waters, due to   birds, the supply of direct pipelines to   consumes four times less energy than
       49  the lack of integrated solutions for reuse,   major contractors, or the construction   a similar-sized desalination plant, which
         pointing out that the discharge of treated
                                           of a water recycling plant. He added
                                                                              will be reflected in prices, so we can
         water will no longer be dumped into the   that  treating  the  wastewater  is  less   charge  20 to 30% lower prices than
         sea.                              expensive and more environmentally   market prices.

                   Sharjah Airport receives Kenya Airways

                                              cargo flights

         Sharjah  Airport has  enhanced its   advantage of the growing demand for air   handling equipment, in addition to the
         competitiveness  by  offering  a high   freight from Sharjah, bringing the number   technical solutions developed in air
         level  of services  that meet  the  various   of  cargo operators operating at Sharjah   freight services and cargo transport
         requirements of  airlines, international   Airport to about 22 local, regional   facilities, which are one of the latest
         shipping agents and logistics providers, as   and  international  airlines, including  7   services provided to air cargo agents
         well as further expanding the 50 cargo   international  carriers  operating  regular   and companies in the region, which has
         flights per week to become one of  the   flights during May alone, in addition to 15   contributed to enhancing the airport's
         main points of  shipment  for  goods and   Shipping airlines operating irregular flights.  cargo capacity to deal with various kinds
         basic materials for some 60 destinations                             of goods."
         in May alone.                     Ali Salim Al Midfa, Chairman of Sharjah
                                           Airport Authority said:  "At Sharjah   Al Midfa added that Sharjah  Airport
         Sharjah Airport  has succeeded in   Airport we are keen to provide   remains  a major destination on the
         attracting more airlines  and air freight,   the highest level of services to our   international air cargo map, as a result of
         with Kenya Airways recently launching a   customers in various fields, including   its efforts and investment in infrastructure,
         new schedule of cargo flights through the   air freight, so we are always seeking   and by strengthening the relationships
         airport  every Sunday  and Wednesday   to develop services at the cargo center   with existing airlines as well as attracting
         between  Sharjah  and Nairobi, to take   through modern technologies and   new partners.
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