Page 10 - Al Tijarah - September 2020
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Sharjah Business women discusses the future of

                    sustainable fashion and food industries

       49  The Sharjah Business Women's Council                               Danah Fashion and Design.
                                                                              The "Future Trends in Beauty and Jewelry"
         organized three virtual working sessions
         last July as part of  a series of  "Council                          session, moderated by Shurooq Al Midfa,
         Dialogue" platform sessions  launched in                             founder of Shurooq Al Midfa Jewelry, and
         May 2019.                                                            featured Olympia Tabash, Retail Manager
                                                                              and Co-Founder of “Anfasak Dukhoon”,
         The sessions, which were held remotely,                              focused on the industry's most important
         discussed  the future of the food  and                               challenges  and the role of social media
         beverages  industry,  future  trends                                 influencers in marketing new products.
         in beauty, jewelry  and the  future of
         sustainable fashion. Under  this theme                               Speaking at the third session  entitled
         the sessions  discussed the reasons                                  "The Future of the Food and Beverages
         for  the trend  towards  sustainable                                 Industry", Nawal Al-Nuaimi, Executive
         fashion and  the importance of  the                                  Director and Founder of Paper Fig
         sector, and what changes in consumer                                 Restaurant  and  Café, noted  the
         behavior and experiences  under the                                  importance of  constantly  monitoring
         current  circumstances. The session was                              consumer behavior to get new ideas that
         moderated by Shaza Allai, a member of   addressed by Amna Al-Shara, Director of   will help  attract new customers on the
         the Federal National Council, and the   Retail Sales Department in the Northern   one hand and avoid wasting food on the
         founder of Dar Al-Shaza Brand, and was   Regions - ADNOC, and founder of Dar Al   other hand.

                      Tips for prevention from infectious diseases

                      Cover your cough or sneeze with  Use hand sanitizer if soap  Wash hands often with soap &
                      tissue. Do not spit in public areas  and water are not available  water for at least 20 seconds

                         Avoid public gatherings  Clean and disinfect frequently  Avoid touching your eyes,
                                                 touched objects and surfaces  nose, and mouth

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