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Middle East Affairs.               infrastructure,  education,  aquaculture,   take advantage of new opportunities and
                                            agriculture and artificial intelligence.  achieve the transition to digitalization."
         Marwan bin Jassim Al-Serkal spoke about
         the role of "Shurooq", as an investment   Dr. Khalid  Omar Al-Midfa, President   Hussein Mohammed Al Mahmoudi, CEO
         body, to meet the needs of investors and   of  Sharjah Media City, said: "Over the   of  Sharjah Research, Technology and
         improve the economic diversification in   past few months, Sharjah  Media City   Innovation  Park,  said: "Sharjah is the   49
         Sharjah  and enhance its attractiveness   has  introduced a number of incentives   destination for the future of innovation,
         as an integrated investment and tourism   as a means of  providing  support  to   as it has succeeded in upgrading  local
         destination, stressing that the Authority   government, private, business and   intellectual, academic and entrepreneurial
         has  implemented  several  projects  individuals, culminating in a 6.3%   systems and their ability to attract large
         in partnership  with global investors   increase in  new  registered companies,   companies and  provide  a platform for
         to promote the process of  digital   with more than 150 e-commerce   start-ups and existing companies, with the
         transformation and transfer of technology   companies registered, and  we have   aim of enabling them to expand into the
         to  the real estate sector, tourism,   employed innovation  and  creativity to   Middle East."         SHARJAH ACTIVITIES

                500 companies from 57 countries apply for

                 Sharjah's Global Virtual Advanced Industry


         The  Sharjah  Research,  Technology and   to attract start-ups that offer innovative   Research,  Technology  and Innovation
         Innovation Park announced that more than   technology solutions in line with the   Park, said: "Sharjah is a leading global
         500 global companies from 57 countries   Fourth  Industrial  Revolution,  expanding   centre in innovation, research and
         have applied to participate in the Sharjah   the deployment of  their technologies at   entrepreneurship, based on its orientation
         World  Advanced Industry  Accelerator   various regional levels, as well as qualifying   towards the knowledge economy  by
         Program (Industry 4.0 accelerator), with   for  a $450,000  prize pool. The launch   supporting, encouraging and developing
         diversified sectors including  advanced   of this global program is a translation of   the innovation system, supporting applied
         industries, manufacturing  technology,   the Park's efforts to strengthen Sharjah's   and technological scientific research for
         smart   cities,  sustainable  design,  position in global indices  and ratings,   investment activities, and contributing
         construction technology, smart materials,   ranking  among the top five emerging   to the UAE’s position in general and
         drones, robotics, artificial intelligence and   business environments, according to the   Sharjah in particular as a hub for
         other industrial technologies.     Global Startup Environment Report.  entrepreneurship and innovative start-
                                                                              ups across the region and supporting its
         Launched in March, the program aims   Hussein Al Mahmoudi, CEO of Sharjah   global competitiveness."
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