Page 5 - Al Tijarah - December 2020
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- Training centres:  Exemption  from the   for projects funded by the Foundation for   - Exempting companies from participation
         renewal fee of the educational license of   three installments.      fees for the Sharjah Award of Excellence.
         65 training centers for one year.
                                            Road and Transportation Authority  Sharjah Book Authority (Sharjah
         Sharjah Ports,  Customs  and Free   - 50% discount on RTA violations from 1   Publishing City)
         Zones (SAAA)                       January 2020 until the end of the year for   Discounts up to (35%)  in accordance   49
         - exempting all commercial and wooden   violations issued before 1/11/2020.  with specific requirements and criteria
         vessels from docking and loading fees in   - 25% discount on taxi number rental fees   including:
         both Sharjah Creek and Al Hamriya Free   from 1/7/2020 until the end of the year.  - Reducing the prices of packages - new
         Zone Creek.                        - Limousine companies (Sharjah Transport   customers.
         -  A 20%  reduction  in  fees due  to  port   Solutions, Bee’ah Company, Limousine   - Reducing the  fees  for independent
         operations on handling, freight and   Company) are exempt  from travel fees   licences.
         unloading  fees, associated fees and   for the year 2020.            - Reducing rental fees.
         maritime wages.                    - Exemption of taxis and the operators of   - Offer to ease  the  burden on existing   SHARJAH ACTIVITIES
         - All bulk goods are exempt from storage   the public transport network from 1 July   customers by rescheduling payments and
         fees for 90 days.                  2020 until the end of the year:   waiving rental fees.
         - Reducing truck parking at Sharjah ports   * Quality control fees  for taxis  and the   - Providing facilities in the payment system.
         by 50% within designated areas.    operators of transport networks.  - Reducing the  comprehensive  licensing
         -  Exempting  all shipping and  customs   * Operating fees at Sharjah Airport.  packages for newly registered companies
         clearance companies  from the bank   * Rental fees for the bus station for the   in the business center.
         guarantees required to operate.    public transport network operator and   - Reduction on independent licenses.
         - Exemption of all commercial companies   concession fees.           -  Reduction  on  rental fees (per square
         from inspection fees.              * Pre-2015 Violations of the Roads and   meter).
         - Exemption of companies operating in   Transport Authority.
         the free zones from delaying fines of the                            Sharjah Media City (Shams)
         renewal of licenses.               The Department of Civil Aviation  -  Discounts up to 30%  on  license or
         - Exemption from visa fines in free zones.  Reduction  of  the licensing fees of   renewal in accordance with specific
         - 50% discount  on  the transfer fees of   travel companies,  agencies and tourism   requirements and standards.
         companies' shares.                 companies by (50%) until 2021.    - Reduction on Long-term (three years)
         - A 20% to 50% discount on new licenses                              commercial license fee.
         depending on the business activity.  Sharjah Chamber  of Commerce and   - Offering competitive packages for certain
                                            Industry                          categories such as women entrepreneurs,
         Sharjah Entrepreneurship Foundation   - 50%  discount  for  members  of  the   entrepreneurship  packages,  and media
         (Ruwad)                            Chamber from previous fees until the end   companies in order to attract business
         Postponing the  payment  of installments   of 2018                   and stimulate their growth.

                          Sharjah launches economic survey

         Sheikh Mohammed bin Humaid Al Qasimi,                                an integrated system of  indicators to
         Chairman of the Sharjah Department of                                measure the emirate's GDP.
         Statistics and Community Development,
         announced  the launch of the "Economic                               Sheikh Mohammed bin Humaid Al-Qasimi
         Survey" of  Sharjah for  2019,  and said                             thanked all the economic establishments
         that the survey, which began on October                              that participated in the 2017 and 2018
         26, 2020, will cover all enterprises in all                          economic  survey conducted  for  the
         administrative areas, in  addition  to  the                          first time in the emirate, because their
         free zones of the emirate, stressing that                            response had a significant impact in
         the cooperation  of  the enterprises with                            highlighting the status of the business
         this survey will contribute  to highlight                            sector and its needs, in light of the
         the current economic situation and build                             challenges  and changes  that may affect
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