Page 6 - Al Tijarah - December 2020
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the sustainable development process.  (119,980) billion dirhams in 2017. He   and cash, in addition to the size of
                                           added that the results of the economic   various economic activities and their
         He also expressed satisfaction with the   survey showed the distribution of   added value to the GDP, as well as
         results of the survey 2017 and 2018,   working establishments by the size of   contributed to revealing of the amount
       49  as the emirate's GDP rose significantly   employment, economic activity and the   of capital invested in each economic
         after it was based on statistical   statement of workers' compensation   sector, and capital composition for all
         indicators  and  estimates,  reaching   of salaries, wages and benefits in kind   economic activities.

              Bee’ah and University of Sharjah Sign MoU to

                      promote Knowledge-based Economy

         Bee’ah and the University of Sharjah have
         signed a memorandum of understanding
         to  collaborate  across multiple areas of
         interest  that  will include environmental
         research,  educational programs, student
         sponsorships  and explore  developing
         business opportunities and  Intellectual

         The MoU  signing  ceremony  was
         held  at the  University campus,  in the
         presence of HE Prof. Hamid Majul Al
         Naimiy,  Chancellor of the  University
         of Sharjah,  , HE  Khaled  Al  Huraimel,
         CEO of Bee’ah’s Group, Mohamed  Al
         Hosani,  CEO of Bee’ah  Consultancy,
         Research & Innovation (Bee’ah CRI) and
         representatives  of University including
         Prof. Maamar Belttayeb, Vice Chancellor
         for Research and Graduate Studies, Prof.
         Qutayba Hamid,  Vice Chancellor for
         Medical Colleges and  Health Sciences
         and Dean of College of Medicine, and Dr.
         Salah  Taher Al Haj, Vice Chancellor for
         Community Affairs.
                                           The  University  will  also  direct relevant   for  UoS students to enhance student
         The  MoU aims  to enhance  cooperation   graduation projects and research studies   development,  and share  recruitment
         between  the  two sides  through   towards Bee’ah’s requirement and needs.   opportunities through its job portals
         University and Bee’ah  Group business                                and career fair, knowing that Bee’ah has
         verticals including the Bee’ah Consultancy,   In  addition, both parties will jointly   several employees who are UoS alumni.
         Research  &   Innovation  (Bee’ah  develop training programs, diplomas
         CRI)  to  develop scientific research   and  workshops, and  have also agreed   Commenting on the MoU, HE Khaled Al
         related to  sustainable solutions in  the   to organize  conferences and forums   Huraimel, Group CEO of Bee'ah, said:
         environmental sector such as integrated   related  to environmental  management,   “As the UAE accelerates its transition
         waste management, renewable energy,   resource management and  sustainable   to a knowledge-based economy, we aim
         environmental  protection,  facilities  development.  Bee’ah  will  provide  to support  the  efforts  of  our  nation’s
         management, education and sustainability.   scholarships  and training opportunities   outstanding  educational  institutions
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