Page 10 - Al Tijarah - March 2021
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New in the Library



          Title of the Book

         A Mind for Business


         Andy Gibson

         This book sheds light on caring for your mind and your mental health on a daily basis and

         provides practical advice and tips that help us think smarter and lead more meaningful lives. A

         Mind for Business provides practical insights from psychology and neuroscience to help us be

         successful in a sustainable fashion, focusing on the capabilities needed in the modern business

         world, motivate our employees, support colleagues, reduce stress and anxiety and being creative.

         The book is not about changing our minds to fit our work, but rather about changing the way

         we work, being mindful about our thinking process and what we need to thrive, making better

         choices and improving our job performance.

         This  book is indispensable for business  owners who care for their employees,  gauging our

         cognitive performance at work and beyond office hours and avoiding distractions.
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