Page 4 - Al Tijarah - March 2021
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Ruler of sharjah receives CEO of

                            The National Fuel Agency "ENI"


         His Highness  Sheikh  Dr. Sultan bin   Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed Al Qasimi was   the announcement of the discovery of
         Mohamed  Al  Qasimi,  Member  of the   briefed from the CEO of ENI on a set of   gas in it, and less than two years after
         Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah,   future  opportunities related to  energy   the signing of the contract of “Eni”
         met at Badi’a Palace, Claudio Descalzi,   development and projects for renewable   partnership with “SNOC”, to discover
         CEO of the National Fuel Agency   energy sources, as the company shows an   in the onshore areas of Sharjah. Eni and
         (ENI), in the  presence  of Sheikh Sultan   increasing interest in these strategic areas   SNOC  also  participates  in  exploring
         bin Ahmed Al Qasimi,  Chairman of   in the Middle East region.       future  cooperation opportunities in
         the Sharjah National  Oil  Corporation                               energy field, including renewable energy,
         (SNOC), and Engineer Hatem Al-Mousa,   The meeting also dealt with a number of   in line with ENI’ commitment to energy
         Executive Director  of the Corporation,   points focused  on  ways to  benefit from   transformation,  especially  carbon
         and a number of representatives of both   the activities of “Eni” in the emirate within   neutrality field.
         (SNOC) and (ENI).                 the framework of its smart partnership
                                           with “SNOC” in the onshore areas (A),   Claudio  Descalzi, CEO of  the National
         His Highness welcomed the guest and the   (B) and (C), and the future vision that the   Fuel Agency (ENI), extended sincere
         accompanying delegation, expressing his   company is working on and the existing   thanks and gratitude to His Highness
         optimism about the partnership between   opportunities.              Sheikh  Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed Al
         the Sharjah National Oil Corporation and                             Qasimi,  for  His Highness  the Ruler’s
         the National  Fuel Agency,  and  wishing   Eni is working  according  to its specific   unlimited interest, patronage and follow-
         the two parties success in their upcoming   program with “SNOC” to carry out a   up of all activities in the exploration and
         research  and exploration. The  meeting   number of exploration work in areas (A)   activities of  the company, saying that
         discussed the activities of Eni in the field   and (C) of the emirate, to contribute to   the unlimited support of His Highness is
         of petroleum in the UAE and what it has   discovering  additional resources for  the   the basis for the great progress and the
         accomplished since its acquisition in 2019,   benefit of Sharjah’s development.  smart partnership that brings  together
         the  concession  for exploration in land                             both companies SNOC  and  ENI, and
         areas (A), (B) and (C) from the Emirate   On  the fourth of  last  February,  Eni   contributed  to  the achievement of  the
         of Sharjah, with the participation of the   and SNOC announced the start of   desired goals, and the completion of many
         SNOC.                             production from the Mahani field located   files of great achievements in a short time,
                                           in the onshore concession (B) and this   despite the great impact of the Covid-19
         During the meeting, His Highness Sheikh   was achieved in less than a year since   pandemic on all activities in the world.
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