Page 7 - Al Tijarah - March 2021
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Hussein  Al Mahmoudi said:  "We are   attracting  new technologies, in addition   encouraging innovative investors to enter
         pleased  with this collaboration with  the   to supporting technical and innovative   the  field of innovative investment and
         Emirates  Development Bank, which   investments, and emerging entrepreneurs   motivating them  to translate their ideas
         translates and supports the vision of His   as part of a strategy to transform the   into successful achievements and actions,
         Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed   UAE into a regional and international   in line with the UAE's guidance to create
         Al Qasimi, Member of  the Supreme   center to attract and implement new   an environment conducive to innovation,   50
         Council, Ruler of Sharjah, in establishing   technological  projects. This cooperation,   allowing startups  to overcome different
         Sharjah as the capital of innovation  and   he added, will have a clear impact  on   challenges and continue to grow.

            First deal of Sharjah Investors Network “Angels”

         The  Sharjah  Research,  Technology,  and
         Innovation  Park has  announced the                                                                    SHARJAH ACTIVITIES
         signing of the first investment deal under
         the  Sharjah  Investors Network “Angels”
         between the Emirati company Mohamed
         Hilal  Group and the  VirtuE Research
         and Development, the Spanish emerging
         company specialized in the development
         of Artificial Intelligence (AI) operating in
         SRTI Park.

         According  to  the agreement, Mohamed
         Hilal Group will help  expand the scope
         of work of the  VirtuE R&D to include
         markets outside the UAE, launching an AI-
         based scientific research hub that focuses   global  economic  clusters in  the country   of  his  group reflects  its  commitment
         on Equine-assisted  therapy,  developing   in the areas of innovation, creativity and   to attracting quality investments,
         game-based digital programs to enhance   design, making local companies among the   especially in future sectors, saying that
         mental and  psychological health.  This is   world's best in advanced technology and   healthcare  and  psychology  are  the
         the first such technology investment for   services.                 cornerstone of the preservation of our
         Mohamed Hilal Group.                                                 society and economy, as demonstrated
                                            Al Mahmoudi explained  that the   by the Corona pandemic, which has
         Hussein  Al Mahmoudi, CEO of Sharjah   investment deal came to  support  the   prompted us to invest in modern
         STRI Park, said:  "We  are delighted  to   vision of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan   technology to maintain our health
         see  this  kind of strategic partnership  in   bin  Mohamed Al Qasimi, Member  of   and mental integrity, as startups have
         the Park through this type of investment   the Supreme Council,  Ruler  of  Sharjah,   proven to be the spearhead of technical
         financing and for one of the  large   in establishing Sharjah as the capital of   investments that support the economy
         investment groups  based in the Park,   innovation,  attracting  new technologies,   and humanity."
         Mohammed  Hilal  Group, through its   supporting smart investments, connecting
         investment financing in a company based   investors with leading companies and   Hilal  pointed that he  aspires  that the
         in  the Park  as well as its headquarters,   emerging opportunities in this vital field as   value of the new Spanish company, with
         which demonstrates investor confidence   part of a strategy to transform the UAE   which our group has  signed a 4-year
         in the Park and its promising startups, as   into a regional and international center   investment agreement, to  reach AED
         Sharjah Investors Network “Angels” helps   for  attracting  and implementing new   3-4 billion and to go global through the
         support entrepreneurs in the field of   technological projects.      Emirate of Sharjah,” stating that his group
         emerging technology, provide early-stage                             is focused  on  investing in  sectors  that
         capital to transform research  and ideas   Mohamed Hilal, CEO of Mohamed Hilal   support individual production and morale
         into practical projects, as well as develop   Group, said that the new investment   to improve productivity.
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