Page 10 - Al Tijarah - April 2021
P. 10

opportunities to achieve the UAE's goals   comprehensive
         in diversifying sources of national income,
         and giving a strong impetus to sustainable   development
         development efforts in the UAE. He added   Mohammed  Ali  Masabbeh  Al-Nuaimi,
         "For half a century, Sharjah Chamber of   Chairman of Ras A Khaimah  Chamber
       50  Commerce and Industry has been able to   of  Commerce, said: "I am pleased to
         strengthen its position as a reliable partner   congratulate the  Sharjah  Chamber on
         for investors and businessmen in Sharjah,   the  occasion of its  50th anniversary,
         and launch several strategic initiatives and   its distinctive and continuing  role in
         qualitative projects, thus enhancing the   the  service  of the  private sector, and
         emirate's presence on the regional and   participation in the overall development
         global economy map."              process  to promote  the  emirate's   Saif Al Midfa: The
                                           economy, its key role and its contribution
                                           to the national economy."          culmination of a
                                                                              cutting-edge business
                                                                              Saif Mohammed  Al Midfa, CEO of the
                                                                              Sharjah  Expo Center,  congratulated  the
                                                                              Chairman and all members  of Sharjah
                                                                              Chamber of  Commerce and  Industry,
                                                                              on the occasion of its 50th anniversary,
                                                                              saying that the Sharjah's  celebration of
         Abdullah Al Muwaiji:                                                 this economic edifice as the culmination of
                                                                              Sharjah’s  evolving business  environment
         Gateway of direct                                                    and a celebration of the value of economic
         investments                                                          innovation  promoted by this prestigious
         Abdullah Al Muwaiji, Chairman of Ajman                               institution through its commitment to
         Chamber  of commerce  and industry,                                  the thinking and vision of His Highness
         said: “the UAE Chambers of Commerce                                  Sheikh  Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed Al-
         and Industry are the main artery for the                             Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council
         growth  of  the business sectors and  the                            and Ruler of Sharjah, which has brought
         attractive gateway  to direct investment,                            the  emirate  today towards excellence
         and on the occasion of the Sharjah                                   and uniqueness worldwide, highlighting Its
         Chamber's Golden Jubilee, we offer it the  Khalfan Misfer:           position as a business and service center,
         best congratulations and blessings, wishing   contribution to        an incubator and attractive environment
         it continued excellence and progress to be                           for foreign investment.
         a rich tributary of the UAE economy."  development and
                                           Khalfan Ahmed Misfer, Chairman of Umm
                                           Al Quwain  Chamber  of  commerce and
                                           industry, said: “As the Sharjah chamber
                                           celebrates its 50th anniversary, we recall
                                           its importance and  the activities it has
                                           provided that have clearly reflected on
                                           the  sustainable  economic development
                                           process in the UAE and have been a great
                                           example  of its cooperation with other
                                           chambers and  the UAE Federation  of
                                           Chambers and was able to achieve many
                                           gains and events under the guidance and   Mohamed Khalaf:
         Mohamad Musabbeh                  care of His Highness  Sheikh  Dr. Sultan   Achievements and
                                           bin Mohamed Al-Qasimi, Member of the
         Al Nuaimi: a                      Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah.”  continuous work

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