Page 4 - Al Tijarah - April 2021
P. 4

50    Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry
                          celebrates its 50th anniversary

         Ruler of Sharjah: our
         economic decision is
         linked to our human
         Sharjah Chamber of  Commerce and
         Industry is currently celebrating
         its 50th anniversary, achieving
         the highest levels of economic
         achievement and excellence in the
         emirate, as part of the keenness of
         His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin
         Mohamed Al Qasimi, Member of the
         Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah, to
         enhance Sharjah's economic position
         locally and globally.

         As His Highness said: "Sharjah
         Chamber of Commerce and Industry
         has a responsibility to support,
         develop and create an attractive
         investment environment for business
         owners, so that Sharjah remains
         a distinct platform for launching
         business, industry, entrepreneurship
         and creativity market, not contrary
         to the emirate's overall orientation."

         His Highness added: "Our economic
         decision in the emirate is linked to
         our human values, which are based                                    Crown Prince of
         on transparency and justice, and                                     Sharjah: "Chamber of
         we  work in accordance  with  our                                    Commerce" reflects
         programs, objectives and plans to                                    the development of the
         achieve comprehensive growth in                                      economic scene
         the emirate that benefits everyone                                   His Highness Sheikh Sultan bin Mohamed
         on its territory now and in the future                               bin Sultan Al-Qasimi,  Crown Prince and
         and secures economy that provides                                    Deputy Ruler  of Sharjah and  Chairman
         well-being for our children and                                      of the Executive Council of Sharjah,
         grandchildren."                                                      said: "During  the past decades, thanks
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