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to God almighty,  then the  wisdom and   constructive  integration  between the   His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Salem bin
         vision of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan   private and government sectors. Sharjah   Sultan Al-Qasimi, Deputy Ruler of Sharjah,
         bin Mohamed Al Qasimi, Member of the   Chamber  has  made  pioneering and   said: "For nearly 50 years, Sharjah has
         Supreme Council and Ruler of Sharjah,   fruitful efforts in providing an encouraging   been on a date with a historic juncture that
         the emirate has been able to achieve   environment for business, creating various   has established its future, which we are all   50
         unique qualitative achievements in various   channels of  communication  with it, and   witnessing today when the emirate became
         sectors,  including an integrated and   coordinating  with the  relevant agencies   under  the  leadership of  His Highness
         sustainable resurgence aiming first at the   to join forces to achieve  the  desired   Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed Al-Qasimi,
         emirate and those who live in it, drawing   development goals, in which the private   Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of
         lines for a brighter future, a resurgence in   sector  is a  key partner  in  building  the   Sharjah, launching its journey full of work,
         which the economy has been an integrated   emirate's future and has a significant share   prosperity  and  qualitative  development
         quality system  and a focal point for the   in future supportive development plans.  marking a radical transformation in various
         development process taking place in the                              spheres of our life, and the economy has
         emirate, as its economic  diversity has   His Highness pointed out that Sharjah's   been at the forefront of these unique
         become the focus of the world's attention   celebration of  its commercial and   achievements thanks to the visions and
         and the preferred destination for foreign   industrial chamber should be a catalyst   guidance of His Highness the Ruler which   50 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE
         investment. The integration of the public   for  continued success in supporting  the   has made the emirate today an economic
         and private sectors has contributed to the   business environment and community, and   power, a destination for investors and an
         transition to a sustainable economy that   work to continue the enlightened efforts   ideal destination for vital projects."
         has  strengthened  Sharjah's  position on   achieved during the past period that have
         the map of finance and business, this so   enhanced Sharjah's  place economically   His Highness added: "Sharjah's cultural
         achievement has become a reality that we   and contributed to attracting meaningful   renaissance has been a source of admiration
         live every day."                   investments  to the emirate, with the   and interest to the world, success is not
                                            guidance  of  His Highness the Ruler  of   measured by the number of years, but
         His Highness  added: "With all this   Sharjah as a beacon for the future work of   by the  magnitude of the achievements,
         momentum  and development,  Sharjah   the Chamber and inspiring the road map   which made the emirate a target of
         Chamber of Commerce and Industry has   that it will work out to further promote   communication that many sought to get to
         been, for five decades, the cornerstone of   the private sector in the coming days,   know this success, especially industrial and
         the  emirate's  economic scene,  by doing   underscoring the depth of His Highness's   commercial. Sharjah chamber was the best
         its  part to the  fullest  in representing   vision in the progress and development   to do such a role, since its inception it has
         business  owners,  protecting  their  process in all areas.          been keen to strengthen Sharjah's relations
         interests and expressing the views of the                            with the great economic powers, as well
         economic  family in the emirate and  its                             as to effectively and vitally participate in
         aspirations within the framework of the                              organizing economic activities and the
         national economy in its various activities                           prosperity of its commercial, industrial and
         and sectors, and its efforts to build a                              professional sectors at all levels. Over the
         vital partnership with the private sector                            past five decades, the chamber has played
         have resulted in enhancing the emirate's                             a key role in strengthening Sharjah's
         earnings at all levels  by providing a                               position on the global map as the first
         stimulating environment for  growth and                              engine of the business sector."
         creating qualitative opportunities that will
         have an impact on the people of Sharjah                              His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Salem
         who are always its focus and goal."                                  bin Sultan Al-Qasimi  stressed  that the
                                                                              Chamber exceeded its usual role to
         His Highness the Crown Prince confirmed                              organizing  and  hosting major local and
         that the Sharjah Chamber's golden jubilee                            international exhibitions on  the grounds
         celebration brings back the story of half                            of the Sharjah Expo Center, which had the
         a century of  development and  growth                                greatest impact on putting Sharjah on the
         in the national economy in every sector  Sheikh Abdullah bin         map of the world exhibition industry, as
         and  every  field. Decades during  which   Salem: it contributed     well as attracting businessmen, investors
         Sharjah has come a long way in promoting   to the prosperity of all   and business giants from all over the world
         work with the private sector institutions,                           to learn about the investment advantages
         by creating a sophisticated  climate  of  sectors                    provided by the emirate,  which was

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