Page 6 - Al Tijarah - April 2021
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positively reflected in the flow of foreign   Ahmed Balhul Al-Falasi, Minister of State   private sector Partnership
         investments in all economic sectors. Also   for Entrepreneurship  and SME, said   Dr. Thani Bin Ahmed Al Zayoudi, Minister of
         the Chamber had  a prominent role in   that over  the past 50  years, Sharjah   State for Foreign Trade, confirmed that the
         expanding trade between Sharjah and the   Chamber of Commerce and Industry has   Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry
         rest of the world by providing data that   contributed  to the economic growth of   has succeeded in providing an honorable
       50  has enabled the emirate's decision makers   Sharjah  and the United Arab Emirates,   model in achieving partnership and effective
         to  formulate economic  and  investment   and has been instrumental in developing   communication  between  the  government
         policies and trends.              the performance of the entrepreneurial   and the private sector in line with the
                                           and SMEs sector by providing  all the   directions of good leadership and contributed
         His Highness said: "Today's celebration   ingredients of success  to the  business   to serving the business community in Sharjah
         of Sharjah Chamber is a celebration of   environment and adopting  the best   and the UAE and representing its voice and
         an economic march and a comprehensive   standards and practices to move towards   supporting its interests with the government
         and sustainable development led by His   a knowledge-based economy led by our   and in various economic forums and events
         Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed   distinguished national cadres.  within the country and in regional and
         Al-Qasimi, providing the elements of                                 international markets.
         decent life for its citizens through a   Al Falasi added: "There is no  doubt
         strong economy, standing up to major   that the Chamber's contributions have   He added: "Through its efforts to create
         global challenges, so Sharjah, with all its   been a catalyst for  achieving national   a strong local economy and put forward
         institutions, will continue to move towards   development  policies,  working as  a   effective plans to increase opportunities,
         a more prosperous future, with our   team  with  the  federal  government to   develop trade and investment and
         wishes that the forthcoming 50 years of   serve the business community, support   strengthen cross-border cooperation, the
         the Sharjah Chamber will keep pace with   entrepreneurs in particular, sponsor   Chamber has been one of the real engines
         the 50  years of our country's life, and   and adopt programs to stimulate this   of the outstanding economic renaissance
         move towards a successful and pioneering   vital sector, enhance its opportunities   witnessed by Sharjah over the past decades
         future, a new beginning for a successful   in the local and foreign markets, and   to  become one of the most important
         development journey."On this occasion,   connect citizen entrepreneurs and their   commercial and investment destinations
         a number of ministers confirmed that   counterparts  in  friendly  countries to   in the Gulf and Arab region and its GDP
         the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and   increase knowledge and expertise and   reached AED 100 billion in 2019, and was
         Industry has consolidated the emirate's   develop productive partnerships that   characterized by its  high competitiveness
         position on the map of the local and   have contributed to the enhancement of   in attracting investments and establishing
         global economy, praising its achievements,   the country's economic growth."  business  in many vital sectors including
         noting that the Chamber continues its                                technology,  manufacturing,  research,
         leading role as a hub for the development   Al Falasi concluded by saying how proud   tourism,  agriculture,  food  production,
         of the economy, investment and business   they are with the chamber’s achievements,   real estate services and others, making
         activities both in the domestic markets and   and  conveying  congratulations  on  this   the chamber  a  major  contributor  to  the
         at the regional and international levels.  golden jubilee.           diversity and growth of the state economy."

         Ahmed Balhul Al-Falasi:           Thani bin Ahmed                    Biahaif Al-Nuaimi:
         Boosted the performance  Alzeyoudi : An Honorable  Cooperation and
         of the SME sector                 Model for government-              partnership between

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