Page 7 - Al Tijarah - April 2021
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the government and
         private sectors are the
         most important pillars
         of sustainability                                                                                      50
         Dr Abdulla Bilhaif Al Nuaimi, Minister
         of Climate Change and Environment,
         congratulated His Highness Sheikh
         Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed Al-Qasimi,
         Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler                                 Sultan bin Amed:
         of Sharjah, on the occasion of the 50th
         anniversary of the Sharjah Chamber                                   A career full of
         of Commerce and Industry, praising                                   achievements
         His Highness's constant support for                                  Sheikh  Sultan bin Ahmed  Al-Qasimi,
         the development and promotion of  Mariam Al-Muhairi:                 President  of Sharjah  Media  Council,
         all sectors in the emirate, particularly   The Chamber is a          said that for  five decades, the Sharjah   50 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE
         sectors related to the environment,                                  Chamber of Commerce and Industry has
         professions and activities related to  key partner in the            been able to embody an economic and
         agriculture, fishing and food security   development of the          development process full of achievement
         in general.                        food security system              and success, reflected in the promotion of
                                                                              economic growth in Sharjah, and achieving
                                            Mariam bint Mohammed  Al Muhairi,   the emirate's global economic  status as
         Al Nuaimi praised the chamber's
         important role in strengthening    Minister of State for  Food & Water   an important economic destination in its
                                                                              industrial and commercial aspects.
         coordination   and    cooperation  Security, confirmed that Sharjah Chamber
         between the government and private   of Commerce and Industry is a key pillar   Sheikh Sultan bin Ahmed Al-Qasimi
         sectors in the emirate, securing the   for promoting economic development in   praised the role of the Chamber and its
         flexibility and continuity of services   various vital sectors and a key partner in   great efforts  to open up  prospects  for
         provided  to  the  private  sector  to   the advancement and development of the   economic cooperation between Sharjah
         ensure  that  the  emirate's  economic   UAE's food security system.  and the countries of the world, attract
         growth and development are enhanced                                  investors and build partnerships through its
         while protecting its environment and   Al-Muhairi said "The Sharjah Chamber   advanced system of innovative services and
         contributing to the UAE's objectives   continues its development path thanks to   its ability to develop the economic thought
         and under the leadership’s guidance.  the insights and guidance of our leadership   of Sharjah, in accordance with the visions
                                            and the unlimited support of His Highness   and  guidance  of  His Highness Sheikh  Dr.
         He  added:  "Sharjah  Chamber  is one   Sheikh  Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed Al-  Sultan bin Mohamed Al-Qasimi, Member of
         of  the  most  important  strategic   Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council   the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah.
         partners of the Ministry due to its   and Ruler of Sharjah, in strengthening its
         role as an effective link between the   role in all economic sectors."
         government and private sectors, and
         its permanent support to ensure the   Officials of  government  departments,
         flexibility and continuity of services   agencies and institutions in the emirate
         provided to investors and private   and  the heads of  local, Gulf and Arab
         sector institutions." He pointed out   chambers of commerce also confirmed
         to the role played by the Chamber   that Sharjah Chamber has succeeded in
         in bringing the value of foodstuff to   developing a business environment that is
         Sharjah to  nearly  5 billion  during   incubator for  companies and  institutions
         the current period, and contributed   by establishing a flexible and encouraging
         to the reaching of the number of   infrastructure  to attract companies and  Khalid Isam Al
         registered members in the chamber   investors and open new markets, which   Qassimi: A partnership
         of institutions working in the field of   has  strengthened Sharjah's  competitive   that has achieved many
         Food products to more than 3000    position and  made it one  of  the most
         members.                           preferred destinations for investors.  achievements
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