Page 9 - Al Tijarah - April 2021
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innovate and make efforts to stay at the   place in the history of
         forefront of the distinguished chambers of   the private sector
         commerce in the Arab world and globally.
                                           Mohammed  Thani Murshed  Al-Rumaithi,
                                           Chairman of  the UAE Federation  of
                                           Chambers of Commerce and Industry, said                              50
                                           that the Sharjah Chamber's celebration of
                                           its golden jubilee is an occasion celebrated
                                           by the  business sector and economic
                                           events in the entire country,  given the
                                           important place that the Sharjah Chamber
                                           represents  in the UAE's contemporary
                                           history of the private sector, and confirms   Majid Al Ghurair: half a
                                           its merit in continuing  its vital role as a
                                           representative of the business community   century of hard work
         Marwan Al Serkal:                 in Sharjah and the UAE.            H.E. Majid Saif  Al Ghurair, former
         pioneer of business and                                              Chairman  of the  Dubai Chamber of   50 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE
                                                                              Commerce  and Industry, stressed  the
         trade sector                                                         great role played by Sharjah Chamber of
         Marwan  bin Jassim Al Sarkal, Executive                              Commerce and Industry since its founding
         Chairman of Sharjah  Investment and                                  50 years ago, being able to improve the
         Development  Authority  (Shurooq),                                   position of  the business community in
         said: “The golden jubilee  of the Sharjah                            Sharjah by providing all the capabilities
         Chamber  of Commerce  and Industry is                                that contribute  to promoting  economic
         an occasion to celebrate its achievements                            activities  and establishing  the  UAE's
         in regulating of industrial and commercial                           reputation as a global business destination.
         affairs in the Emirate, thus contributing to
         the development and economic diversity
         process, as well as the business activities
         in general, in addition to its important
         role in providing data, statistics  and
         preparing economic studies,  which are
         an indispensable indicator for developing   Saeed Bin Sorour Al-
         strategies  that enhance the  emirate's   Sharqi: An Honorable
         competitiveness  at the regional and
         international levels."            History in Business
                                           Sheikh  Saeed  Bin Sorour Al-Sharqi,
                                           Chairman of  the Fujairah Chamber of
                                           Commerce and Industry, said that Sharjah  Hamad Buamim:
                                           chamber has a great history in serving   contributed to
                                           the business sector,  having an  effective   the sustainable
                                           role in achieving a qualitative shift to
                                           expand the base of the private sector in  development
                                           Sharjah, with the kind care and continued   Hamad Bouamim, Director General
                                           support of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan   of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and
                                           bin Mohamed Al-Qasimi, Member of the   Industry, stressed the importance of
         President of the                  Supreme  Council, Ruler of Sharjah, and   the  strategic partnership with Sharjah
                                                                              Chamber of Commerce and Industry and
                                           the Sharjah Chamber continues its leading
         UAE Federation                    role, constructive  contributions  and   continuous coordination with the aim of
         of Chambers of                    cooperation to strengthen the economic   keeping pace with economic developments
         Commerce and                      and commercial system  in Sharjah, in   in  order  to  serve  the  common  goals
                                                                              in  representing  the  local  business
                                           particular, which is reflected positively on
         Industry: An important            the UAE in various economic fields.  community,  introducing  investment
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