Page 11 - Al Tijarah - June 2021
P. 11

“Gulftainer” chooses 4 companies within the

                      challenge “The Future of Ports 2021”

         Gulftner has  selected  four technology                                                                50
         startups from three countries around the
         world to lead the transformation of the
         port and logistics sector. eYard, Morpheus
         Networks, Throughput, and Zainar, stand
         out as the winners of the Future of Ports
         2021 challenge, which has attracted more
         than 2,000 entries from more than 200
         cities around the world to compete in the                                                              SHARJAH ACTIVITIES
         innovation and development of superior
         technologies that will transform positively
         and reshape  the future of ports and
         logistics globally.

         Gulftainer  recently  concluded  the
         Future of  Ports  2021  challenge, which   The winning teams were selected in   challenges that pose itself in the sector,
         has attracted strong  attention as a   accordance with a rigorous evaluation   most notably the lack of technical
         leading  global event  and an important   process  that  covered  various  standards, the high cost of older
         interactive platform that brings together   categories, including the Internet   systems and the difficulty of immediate
         leading technology  startups to  review   of Things, Robo-Doctors, Artificial   access and sharing of data. Companies
         the latest innovative solutions to current   Intelligence, Autonomous Drones,   aspiring to expand and enhance the
         and  emerging challenges,  and  to  use   Big Data and Advanced Analytics,   integration of their services will be able
         opportunities to  upgrade the port  and   and Blockchain Charles Menkhorst,   to gain competitive advantage in the
         logistics sector, in line with the demands   CEO of Gulftainer, said: “Technology   long run through the use of modern
         of the 21st century.               plays a pivotal role in addressing the   technology."

             Dana Gas approves distribution of 5.5% in cash

                                      and elects new board

         The  general meeting  of “Dana Gas”
         company, which  was held  remotely,
         approved a decision to distribute profits
         of 5.5 fils per share, or equivalent to 5.5%
         of the company’s capital, with a total of
         385 million dirhams for the year 2020.
         The meeting, held with the participation
         of  shareholders representing 67.37%,
         approved  the proposal of  the Board
         of  Directors regarding  the transfer of
         the  voluntary reserve  into retained
         earnings. The vote was taken to elect
         the new board members for the period
         from 2021 to 2024.
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