Page 13 - Al Tijarah - June 2021
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          Title of the Book

         Sultanate of Hormuz                                                                                    NEW AT THE LIBRARY


         Reem Al Kamali


         The Sultanate of Hormuz is a work of ction that deals with the social and historical aspects of

         this Sultanate in the Khasab region and its social life in old times, how people lived, and how the

         Hormuz Sultanate in Khasab and its surroundings made history and laid cultural and cognitive

         foundations that spread beyond across seas and oceans.

         Reem Al Kamali presented an integrated depiction of the Sultanate of Hormuz, its history,

         geography, rituals, cultures, nature, customs and traditions—and the role of women—as well as

         detailed descripiction of women’s daily clothing in this mysterious and rare society.


         The closed sea of the Gulf is unlike any other sea, a small strait that connects to the open

         seas. The history of this busy water is restless, ruled by Alexander, the Babylonians and other

         adventurers who discovered an inspiring reality.
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