Page 15 - Al Tijarah - June 2021
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role of the Ramadan Sharjah Shopping   On the occasion of the 50th   Sultan Al-Qasimi, Crown Prince  and
         Festival organized by the Chamber   anniversary of the Chamber, Al-  Deputy Ruler of Sharjah, Chairman
         during the holy month of Ramadan in   Owais, thanked His Highness Sheikh   of the Executive Council of Sharjah,
         support of the retail  sector through   Dr. Sultan bin Mohamed Al-Qasimi,   for their unlimited support to the
         the revitalization of the commercial   Member of the Supreme Council and   Chamber, which enabled it to perform   50
         movement in the markets and the    Ruler of Sharjah, and His  Highness   its mission to the fullest in service of
         promotion of sales.                Sheikh Sultan bin Mohammed bin    the business community.

          Sharjah Chamber discusses with Central American

           countries ways to develop economic cooperation

                                       and joint investment                                                     CHAMBER ACTIVITIES

         The Sharjah Chamber of  Commerce
         and  Industry  discussed with a high-
         level delegation of  Central American
         ambassadors to the UAE ways to develop
         economic cooperation and trade relations
         and promote joint investment with Sharjah
         to serve the business  environment and
         the interests of investors on both sides.

         This  came during a meeting  held  at
         the Chamber's headquarters between
         Abdullah Sultan  Al Owais, Chairman of
         the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and
         Industry, Francisco Chacon, Ambassador
         of the Republic of Costa Rica, Julio
         Castaños, Ambassador of the Dominican
         Republic,  Lars  Pera, Ambassador  of the
         Republic of  Guatemala,  Ricardo  Lavery,
         Ambassador of the Republic of Panama, in
         the presence of Mohammed Ahmed Amin
         Al Awadi, Director General of the Sharjah
         Chamber, and Abdul Aziz Mohammed
         Shataf, Assistant Director  General  of
         the  Chamber for the Member Services
         Sector,  Director  of  the Sharjah Export   this  visit will  contribute to reaching   emirate, as  central American countries
         Development Center, and  a number  of   wider horizons of investment and   are full of investment opportunities,
         directors of departments and sections in   trade  cooperation  between  the  especially in the services sector,
         the chamber.                       business communities of both sides.   logistics, finance, agriculture, etc., and
                                            Al Owais stressed the keenness of the   the presence of the Panama Canal, the
         The Chairman of the Chamber stressed   Chamber to enhance its presence in   strategic international waterway, offers
         the growing bilateral relations between   vital and promising markets that provide   unlimited opportunities for various
         Sharjah and the Central American   opportunities for growth and expansion   sectors in Sharjah.
         countries, especially the economic   for its  partners  from the business
         relations, expressing his aspiration that   community and private sector in the   For their part, the ambassadors
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