Page 6 - Al Tijarah - June 2021
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SEDD launches the second edition of Sharjah

                                        Industrial Directory

       50  The Sharjah Economic  Development                                  realize a diversified competitive economy

         Department (SEDD) has completed the                                  based on knowledge and innovation.
         update of the Sharjah Industrial Directory,
         which complements  and implements its                                He added that updating the edition of the
         strategic plan by contributing to planning                           Sharjah Industrial Directory includes the
         and leading the comprehensive economic                               procedures and  services of  the parties
         development in the emirate,  developing                              related to the industrial sector, which aims
         services  provided to strategic  clients                             to attract investment in the emirate and
         and partners, in an effort to develop                                facilitate the investor in terms of knowing
         the industrial sector  and  simplify its                             the steps for issuing an industrial license.
                                                                              For  her part, the Deputy Director  of
         The Chairman of the Department, Sultan   Executive Council directives to work   the Industrial Affairs Department of the
         Abdullah bin  Hadda Al Suwaidi, said   on developing the  industrial sector and   Department, Maryam Nasser Al Suwaidi,
         that the launch of the updated Sharjah   simplifying and  clarifying  its procedures   confirmed  that the Sharjah Industrial
         Industrial Directory project in its second   with the participation of the  local and   Directory is a qualitative leap in providing
         version comes from the economic visions   federal  authorities  concerned in the   information  and  data on  industrial
         adopted by the department, which   industrial sector, and embodying the   establishments, which contributes to the
         is leadership  in sustainable economic   department’s vision of  leadership in   development of the industrial sector and
         development  in implementation  of the   achieving comprehensive development to   simplifies its procedures.

                “Hamriyah Free Zone” confirms its position

             as a leading destination for foreign companies

                                           and investments

         In a new confirmation  of the position
         occupied by Sharjah and the Hamriyah
         Free Zone Authority as a global destination
         for  foreign companies and investments
         wishing to start globally, Awail Al-Sham
         Industry and Commerce Company, which
         specializes  in Al Awail brand  for  prayer
         times clock  and  innovative  electronic
         industries, announced that it has reached
         more  than 100 markets  around the
         world,  since establishing its business in
         Hamriyah  Free  Zone, up from just 50
         markets it served prior to that, a growth
         rate of more than 100%.

         Saud Salim Al Mazrouei, Director  of
         Hamriyah Free Zone Authority, toured
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