Page 9 - Al Tijarah - June 2021
P. 9

sectors, business sectors, and individuals,
         and  enabling them to  overcome the
         effects of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, in
         a manner that ensures the continuity of
         economic development in various sectors.                                                               50

         He explained  that the  sector also
         benefited from the decision of the Sharjah
         government regarding reducing buyer
         fees  for non-Gulf Cooperation Council
         citizens from (4%) to (2%) of the sale
         value in Sharjah, similar to Gulf investors,
         a decision that took effect at the beginning   the implementation of a number of major   trading movement  significantly in some   SHARJAH ACTIVITIES
         of last November, encouraging investors   development projects recently in  the   areas of  the emirate such as Hoshi and
         to conduct more real estate deals in the   cities of the Eastern Province represented   Rawdat Al-Qurt districts, thanks to the
         last quarter of 2020  and first quarter   additional support to revitalize the sector   projects proposed by the government in
         of 2021.  He pointed out that Sharjah   and plans to return to normal conditions   these areas, in which ownership of Arab
         government’s announcement of starting   before the crisis, as well as the growth of   investors was permitted.

                             "UAE Federation of Chambers"

                    signs memorandum of cooperation with

                          the Cuban Chamber of Commerce

         The  UAE Federation of Chambers  of
         commerce and industry signed through
         video conferencing  a memorandum
         of  cooperation  with the Chamber
         of Commerce  of Cuba with  the  aim
         of  strengthening trade relations and
         investment for the private sector in the
         two friendly countries.  The  event saw
         participation of Badr Abdullah Saeed
         Al Matrushi, the UAE Ambassador  to
         Cuba, and Roberto  Blanco  Dominguez,
         Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to
         the State, and memorandum was signed
         by Hamid Mohamed Ben Salem, Secretary-
         General of  the Federation of  Chambers   in the UAE and Cuba, which is one of the   basis, as well as to organize visits to
         and Antonio Caricarti Corona, President   UAE's most prominent trading partners in   business owners, missions and trade
         of the Cuban Chamber of Commerce.  the Caribbean.                    delegations from both sides and to allow
                                                                              employers in both countries to find
         The Secretary-General of  the UAE   He explained that this memorandum   common  cooperation  mechanisms,  as
         Federation of Chambers  said that this   aims  to  facilitate  mechanisms  for  the   well as to encourage the establishment
         memorandum is an additional step and a   exchange of information and opinions   of exhibitions, seminars, forums,
         new incentive to develop the mechanism   on the development of business activity   conferences and other similar activities
         of joint action between the private sector   between the two countries on a regular   in both countries.
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