Page 10 - Al Tijarah - August 2021
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Badr Jaafar, CEO  of  Al  Hilal Projects,                            of this initiative will not only improve
         which is in charge of activating the                                 the lives of these individuals and
         alliance in  the  region,  said:  "Edison  is                        communities, but will increase the pace
         an important strategic initiative that                               of economic growth worldwide. We
       50  will change the way we think about                                 at Al Hilal Projects, will ensure the use
         global digital connectivity and will give                            of our professional networks and our
         half of the world's population, who                                  expertise in support of the Alliance's
         are currently without internet access,                               efforts and endeavors to help bring
         the ability to take advantage of  the                                about positive, sustainable and long-
         amazing opportunities offered by                                     term change in the Middle East, North
         digital communication and the effects                                Africa and beyond."

           Collaboration between the “American University

                 in Sharjah” and “Sharjah Sustainable City"

         American University of Sharjah (AUS)
         and Sharjah Sustainable City (SSC)
         hosted a four-part webinar series
         focused on sustainability and the built
         environment. The webinars brought
         together practitioners from SSC and
         academics from AUS to discuss energy
         and climate change, smarter mobility,
         ecodistricts and sustainable materials.

         The webinar series provided an
         opportunity for students to expand
         their knowledge beyond classroom
         by reviewing the mechanisms in which
         the SSC is implementing sustainable
         practices on the ground and learn
         about the successes and challenges
         faced in the development of sustainable
         housing and communities.          Dr. Adil Tamimi, Professor of Civil   the College of Engineering and co-
                                           Engineering at AUS, said the seminars   authoring of a research paper on
         Rose  Armour,  Head  of  AUS      provided a great window for students   urban planning. Karim El-Jisr, Chief
         Sustainability said that collaborations   and faculty alike to interact with   Sustainability Officer, Diamond
         with SSC produced this webinar    leading experts working on the     Developers,  said:  "The  online
         series allowing students to learn first-  sustainable  development of  Sharjah,   seminar series was an excellent
         hand what it takes to incorporate   which has influenced students'   opportunity to spark research
         sustainability principles into a project   knowledge and interaction within the   interest  in  smart  and  sustainable
         like Sharjah Sustainable City and the   class.                       cities and identify practical learning
         impact it can have on our individual                                 opportunities in a sustainable
         and community carbon footprint    AUS is looking forward to the next   Sharjah city where integrated
         and the students were able to see   phase of collaboration with SSC in   education can already transfer
         how theories were applied on the   Fall Semester 2021, which will see   knowledge in sustainability and a
         ground."                          the start of research projects with   built-in environment."
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