Page 6 - Al Tijarah - August 2021
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supportive working environment for

           entrepreneurs and business owners emphasized

       50  In an effort to support business partners                          its partners to provide the best facilities
         and highlight some of Sharjah's successful                           and incentives for entrepreneurs. The
         investment models,  Sharjah Economic                                 Department, he said, also continues its
         Development Department (SEDD)  has                                   role in supporting the entrepreneurial
         organized a virtual workshop entitled                                sector, which is a priority in many of
         "Registering on the Website  - Business                              its strategic initiatives, with the aim of
         Matchmaking" for business investors and                              contributing to the development of
         household credit licenses.                                           services to customers and strategic
                                                                              partners, providing an incubator and
         A number of entrepreneurs and investors                              stimulating investment environment
         from different sectors and accreditation                             for  entrepreneurs  that  enables  them
         license holders participated in the                                  to innovate and excel. He added
         workshop. Organization of the workshop                               that Sharjah’s business environment
         reflects the desire of the department                                is one of the best in the region
         to activate aspects of partnership and   Sultan Abdullah bin Hadda Al Suwaidi,   thanks to the simplified actions
         cooperation with them,  with the aim   chairman of SEDD stressed that the   adopted by the Department of
         of  strengthening mutual relations and   organization of such meetings is within   Economic Development and all other
         creating opportunities.           the department’s willingness to support   government agencies.

           Sharjah Innovation Park introduces new package

                        to establish startups for innovators

         Sharjah  Research   Technology  and
         Innovation  Park (STRI Park) has
         announced the launch of the Innovators
         Package, in support of startups with
         innovative services and ideas, the first of
         its kind in the region designed for talented
         and  innovative people who  want  to
         enter the business world in an innovative
         business environment.

         The package is available at a competitive
         price starting  at  AED 6,000  with  many
         support privileges for advanced industries
         and direct support services for companies
         that  contribute to their  growth  and   choose between a wide range of business   The bank account can also be opened
         success,  with office spaces  designed to   licenses and  different  sectors with the   in less than a week, as the Park is
         the highest standards and winning many   full  flexibility to upgrade  the license   one of the main incubators for the
         international awards, as well as eligibility   to different levels after its issuance, in   components of the fourth industrial
         for UAE residence visas.          addition to other features of free zones   revolution in the region. The Park
                                           such as 100% tax exemption and 100%   serves as a makerspace for the business
         Through this modern package, you  can   foreign ownership.           community to build their capacity,
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