Page 9 - Al Tijarah - August 2021
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SBWC reveals its future vision and launches

                                         new visual identity

         In a move that supports its 19-year career                                                             50
         in building an entrepreneurial culture and
         promoting the  sustainability  of women
         entrepreneurs in the UAE, the Sharjah
         Business  Women Council  (SBWC),
         affiliated with the Nama Foundation for the
         Advancement of Women, announced the                                  guiding  them on  their entrepreneurial
         launch of a new visual identity, expanding                           journey  and  helping  them achieve their
         its vision  and  doubling  its aspirations  to                       professional ambitions and success in   SHARJAH ACTIVITIES
         fully integrate businesswomen in different                           achieving their  goals at the  global level,
         countries around the  world in various                               as  well  as  strengthening their  role in
         economic sectors.                                                    social and  economic development in
                                                                              their societies and countries, in line with
         On its social media platforms, the council                           our vision and mission to raise the status
         has published exciting videos introducing   their own businesses in Sharjah and taking   of the  Emirate  of Sharjah  as  a global
         members to the new colors that will be   advantage of its supportive and stimulating   incubator for entrepreneurship.”
         used in the visual identity, as well as the   environment for startups.
         innovative logo that  embodies  change,                              Mariam bin Al Sheikh,  Acting Director
         growth and a promising future, the videos   Sheikha  Hind bint Majid Al Qasimi,   of SBWCl, said: “Since its inception,
         also included clips of female entrepreneurs   Chairperson of  SDWCl, confirmed  that   the Council has succeeded in gaining
         of different nationalities around the world.  the launch of a new visual identity for the   the trust of  women entrepreneurs and
                                            council is a significant achievement in its   entrepreneurs in the Emirate of Sharjah
         The final video, published by the Council,   career, and a step that reflects its vision   and  the UAE in general, and  the new
         highlighted the Council's vision for 2021   and direction to achieve further growth   visual identity matched their professional
         and its strategy to support its efforts to   during the next phase.  ambitions  and creative  ideas  presented
         promote businesswomen's  participation                               by the more than 2,000  members.”
         in  the UAE's overall economic  and   Al  Qasimi  added:  “While  designing the   She added that this step will enhance
         social development process, empower   logo and choosing the colors of the brand,   the Council's position as a platform that
         emerging and existing entrepreneurs   we wanted to ensure  that the  council   brings together  businesswomen  around
         to achieve their  ambitions.  The  Council   focuses on women of different age groups   the world  and  provides them with
         is also offering  an open invitation for   and nationalities  around  the  world, and   the opportunity  to  connect  and  share
         women   entrepreneurs  locally  and  is committed to empowering emerging   experiences and  knowledge  to  achieve
         internationally to work towards  their   female  entrepreneurs and owners of   success and  excellence at the local and
         professional aspirations  by establishing   existing projects in the UAE and abroad,   global levels.

                    Al Hilal Projects joins Edison Alliance to

                              provide digital services for all

         Al Hilal Projects has announced that   of affordable digital opportunities  by   region to join this global alliance to make
         it will join the Edison Alliance - the   2025.                       the task of making digital services available
         World  Economic Forum's basic digital                                to all  a priority and a key  demand  for
         infrastructure  and service network, to   The company is one of the first companies   achieving the United Nations Sustainable
         help enable everyone to take advantage   in the  Middle East  and North Africa   Development Goals.
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