Page 12 - Al Tijarah - September 2021
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and the service is currently available to   technical problems in any of these stations.  facilitate and expedite airport procedures
         passengers with Air Arabia through self-                             and improve the experience of travelers
         contained kiosks located in the departures   Sharjah Airport adopts smart Internet of   in general. These  technologies also
         hall. The service allows passengers to   Things technologies in all stages of work   contribute  to monitoring  the extent of
       50  check-in, extract  boarding  passes,  drop   to  ensure the smooth operation of  the   adherence to precautionary measures,
                                           airport, as more than 112 sensors have
                                                                              maintaining of physical distancing, reducing
         bags, and move directly to the airport’s
         Passport Control Department, with a   been  installed  in areas  serving travelers   points of  friction with employees, while
         number of employees ready to intervene   to monitor procedures and services in   achieving the highest standards of
         and provide assistance in the event of any   real-time, give support when necessary,   operational efficiency.

                     Sharjah Businesswomen enhances the

                                      skills of its members

         The   Sharjah  Business  Women                                       to  work  with  the  Sharjah  Business
         Council of the Nama Foundation                                       Women Council to contribute to
         for the Advancement of Women                                         supporting growth and  development
         concluded a series of workshops for                                  efforts during the next phase.”
         its affiliates aimed at providing them
         with knowledge tools and motivating                                  According to a survey conducted by
         them to advance in the business world                                the council, the workshop constituted
         and advising them on how to develop                                  for nearly 80% of the participants
         plans for recovery after the “Corona”                                who were not aware of the benefits
         pandemic.                                                            of corporate digital banking, an
                                                                              effective platform to learn about
         The program included four interactive                                digital offers and services designed for
         workshops  held  in  cooperation  with                               small and medium-sized companies
         “33 Voices”, a leader in the field                                   and emphasizing the importance of
         of  performance  enhancement  and                                    maintaining operational flexibility in
         business acceleration, under the slogan                              the post-pandemic period.
         “Revitalizing projects in the face of the
         Covid-19 pandemic.” The event, held                                  Workshop presenter Vikas Thapar,
         with the participation of 48 members,   strategies  to  reduce  future  risks,   Head of Business Banking and New
         focused on providing them with the   enhance  their  ability to  adapt,  and   Business Digital Banking Platform
         educational experiences necessary to   transform challenges into promising   for Small and Medium Enterprises at
         develop their business skills, support   opportunities to achieve growth and   Mashreq Bank, said: “As a supporter of
         them to move up the ladder of success   excellence. The participants also had   entrepreneurship and gender diversity,
         as well as enhancing  the women’s   the opportunity to learn from the   Mashreq Bank is proud to participate
         entrepreneurship system in Sharjah.  experiences of experts and learn the   in this event in order to showcase its
                                           basics of building successful projects.”  vision to inspire female entrepreneurs
         Sheikha Hind bint Majid Al Qasimi,                                   who shape a major part of the UAE
         Chairperson of the Sharjah Business   Mo  Abdo,  founder  and president   economy, providing them with
         Women Council, said: “The workshops   of “33 Voices”, who presented   strategies to manage their financial
         provided  a  set  of  reliable  guidelines   the workshops, said: “We believe   affairs efficiently, advise on  ways to
         and excellent educational resources   in the important role of women   raise capital as well as cooperation with
         for our female members, which helped   entrepreneurs and female leaders in   banks and other financial institutions,
         to empower them with the necessary   the region and the world, and I am   and we look forward to participate in
         skills to develop effective business   honored to have the opportunity   similar initiatives in the future.”
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