Page 13 - Al Tijarah - September 2021
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          Title of the Book

         The Subtle Art of No Giving a F*ck --A                                                                 NEW AT THE LIBRARY

         Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life


         Mark Manson


         This book is an awareness message about all the human’s beliefs, that life is not only the positives,

         it’s a book talking about self-development from a strange point of view and perspective away from

         the positive thinking, meaning that we should be realistic and know the limit of our capabilities,

         our shortcomings and fears by confronting, accepting and living according to them. The ideas in

         it are different based on a set of personal experiences obtained by the writer and people around

         him, and it depends on pure reality away from any practical steps but very inspiring and his style

         tends to underestimate and relieve the pressures of life. This book is considered a warning to the

         human mind in its entire content for a stable life that keeps pace with the nature of life.

         The book consists of 9 chapters in which the writer talks about the values and standards that

         man sets for himself and is keen to follow them and his interest and responsibility in enduring his

         problems and accept reality away from idealism. It guides you to the way to accepting the course

         of life with all its confusions and to determine what you need to be focused on doing.
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