Page 14 - Al Tijarah - September 2021
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Discussion on ways to strengthen relations

              between Sharjah Chamber and Bahrain's Best

       50               Practices and Governance Program

         The Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and
         Industry discussed  ways to strengthen
         cooperation  between the Chamber and
         Bahrain’s Best Practice and Governance
         Program and share experiences and best
         practices applied at both the Sharjah
         Excellence Award  and  the Bahrain

         This came during  a meeting with
         Mohammed Ahmed Amin Al Awadhi
         and Ibrahim Ali Al Tamimi,  Director  of
         Bahrain’s Best Practices and Governance
         Program, who is an expert in institutional
         evaluation, in the presence  of Nada Al
         Hajri, General Coordinator of the Sharjah
         Excellence Award.

                Sharjah Summer Promotion 2021 proves its

                    importance as a major event in Sharjah

         Sharjah Chamber of  Commerce and                                     The  offers succeeded in attracting large
         Industry confirmed that Sharjah Summer                               numbers of shoppers and visitors from
         Promotion 2021 has once again proved its                             different  emirates  of  the country, who
         importance as one of the most prominent                              enjoyed various entertainment and
         commercial and  tourism events on  the                               heritage  events,  and benefited from
         agenda of  economic events organized   The  Chamber  presented  this  year's   promotional  campaigns and major
         by  the Chamber annually, contributing   version in a different way from previous   discounts of up to 80%, amid the largest
         the  most in boosting retail sales  and   years,  through a season characterized   ever participation of retail stores in Sharjah
         motivating businessmen  to double their   by its charming tourist atmosphere   city and central and eastern regions of the
         investments in this sector.       and  diverse events and  entertainment   emirate, which contributed to giving the
                                           activities. This added special pleasure and   retail sector further recovery and growth.
         The  Chamber's  "Sharjah  Summer  elegance  to the  shopping in light of the
         Promotion", organized for 50 days under   attractive offers and discounts offered by   H.E. Mohammed Ahmed Amin Al Awadhi,
         the theme "Sharjah Summer_Shopping_  shopping malls and shops in various cities   Director General of Sharjah Chamber of
         Fun_Prizes"",  was concluded with  a   and regions of the emirate to the finest   Commerce  and Industry, expressed  his
         successful new season, achieving the   brands  and  other  goods  and  products,   happiness at the success of this season of
         satisfaction and approval of the emirate's   accompanied by a wide range of valuable   Sharjah Summer Promotions, achieving
         residents and visitors, and arecording   prizes and gifts, with the application of the   the chamber's objectives from this event,
         rewarding returns for the retail and many   utmost precautionary  measures for  the   which is one of its most important annual
         other economic sectors.           safety of the community.           events organized  to highlight Sharjah's
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