Page 16 - Al Tijarah - September 2021
P. 16

Discussion of future visions with representatives

                                of sectoral business groups

       50  The  Office of Strategy and Institutional
         Excellence  of the Sharjah Chamber of
         Commerce  and Industry organized a
         meeting with representatives of sectoral
         business  groups to engage them in
         developing the visions of the future of the
         Chamber, in the presence of Abdulaziz Al
         Shattaf, Assistant Director General of the
         Chamber's Member Services Sector, Lalu
         Samuel, Chairman of the Industry Business
         Group. Discussion focused on their
         participation and effective proposals for
         the development of the Chamber's 2022-
         2024  strategy in light of the economic
         changes  in market  conditions, thereby
         enhancing the role of the Chamber and
         its  contributions to providing all  the   The meeting was attended by Mustafa Al-  Lawati, Chairman of  the Shopping Malls
         necessary and supporting possibilities and   Hussaini, Vice President of the Food Trade   Sector Working Group, and a number of
         components for various sectors.   and Industry Working Group, Hamad Al-  chamber officials.
             Staff awareness workshop on the importance

                                               of recycling

         Sharjah Training and Development Center at Sharjah Chamber   the importance of recycling in order to sustain the environment
         of Commerce  and Industry, in collaboration with Bee'ah,
         organized a recycling workshop entitled  “Organized office   This workshop is part of the center's plans to develop cultural,
         stationery”, presented by Fatima Hamid Saahwa Al-Suwaidi to   awareness  and educational programs  to create a sustainable
         a number of chamber staff, aimed at educating employees about   environment.

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