Page 17 - Al Tijarah - September 2021
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“Tech Trust” promotes artificial

                 intelligence in IT development                                                                 50


         Tech Trust is an ambitious Software                                  interface design and expertise,  smart
         solutions company established  2019                                  analytics, artificial intelligence, etc.
         developing innovative and  creative
         products and services that provide total                             Bushra explained that the company
         communication and information solutions,                             considers that  "the  customer comes
         among a plethora of services, such as web                            first", therefore we work  in a flexible
         design and development,  tailor made                                 environment  for   the   software
         applications, ERPs, CRMs, e-commerce                                 development  process that can be
         solutions, business-to-business applications,                        easily  adjusted  according  to customer
         business-to-client applications,  managed                            requirements.
         hosting and internet portal management.
                                                                              She  said  that high-quality  work is  a
         Bushra Abdul Hamid, the owner of the                                 prerequisite  for  every task we do, as
         project, said the company is committed to                            we consider "every day important",
         exporting high quality software worldwide,   the best quality where prices fit the   recognizing that a happy customer ensures
         as  the company's  customers around the   services  provided, while  the  company's   our success, long-term engagement, and a
         world emphasize the quality of our work.  focus is on providing a high degree of ease   key to generating more business.
                                            of use of the product through a positive
         Bushra Abdul Hamid added that the main   and creative team.          Bushra Abdul  Hamid added: "In  seeking
         purpose of  the establishment  of "Tech                              world-class services, we always strive to
         Trust" is to develop and enhance advanced   She added that Tech Trust computer   provide high  quality  as  (every  effort is
         information  technologies for  multi-user   systems  design company offers many   valuable). Excellent and consistent quality
         operation, as the company's philosophy is   services  including  phone  software  at low cost is the key to success in the
         to ensure the highest quality of products   development, network  development,   outsourcing  business,  and we adhere to
         and complete  customer satisfaction and   augmented reality, data science, IoT   the basics, quality assurance is an integral
         deliver solutions in a timely manner and   development,  quality assurance, user   part of every project we undertake."
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