Page 18 - Al Tijarah - September 2021
P. 18

"The shopping sector is growing rapidly through e-commerce channels with expectations
            of 23% growth in 2021 and 2022, while shoppers in the UAE are among the highest
                                            spenders on the internet."
            Consumer electronics market in
       50  the UAE reached AED 13.5 billion

       COVER STORY  by growth in online hardware sales, while the market for 2021 is expected to grow by 3%,

              The UAE's consumer electronics market currently stands at AED 13.5 billion, supported

                                                 compared to 2020.

         The electronics market in the UAE has   improved growth, a weak dollar, low   The shipping prices increased due to
         witnessed remarkable activity since   interest rates to record levels and   the Covid-19 pandemic by almost 20%,
         the beginning of 2021 after a period   stability of oil prices.      and currency prices are one of the
         of decline due to the "Covid-19"                                     reasons for the rise in product prices
         pandemic, which contributed to the   The UAE consumer electronics market is   on the final consumer. Measures taken
         decline in  shipping  traffic. However   very large due to the significant growth   by the official agencies concerned with
         it is expected that Dubai Expo 2020   in the economic development in the   trade to restore the shipping traffic to
         and its significant support for the   UAE and the increased number of new   its pre-crisis nature helped to restore
         shopping and tourism sectors, will   real estate projects entering the service,   market growth and stabilize the arrival
         contribute to the local recovery in the   as well as re-exports and shopping by   of products from exporting countries
         market, coupled with expectations of   citizens and residents.       to  the  UAE,  and  contributed to  the
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