Page 4 - Al Tijarah - September 2021
P. 4

Sharjah Executive approves the establishment of

                                 "a volunteer work center"

       50  The Executive  Council of the Emirate

         of Sharjah held its regular  meeting,
         presided over by H.H. Sheikh Sultan Bin
         Muhammad bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Crown
         Prince and Deputy Ruler of Sharjah, and
         the Chairman of the Executive Council and
         H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Salem bin Sultan
         Al Qasimi, Deputy Ruler of Sharjah and
         Vice-Chairman of the Executive Council.

         The  meeting, held in His Highness  the
         Ruler's Office, discussed  a number
         of important government topics  that
         contribute to the development of services
         and providing a decent life for citizens and   shall exercise the following powers:  - Regulating the requirements and controls
         residents of Sharjah.                                                for the establishment of voluntary families.
                                           - Define general political and strategic plans   - Coordination with the Ministry on the
         The  Council issued Resolution No. (22)   for the organization and development of   mechanism  for violations and sanctions
         for the year 2021 on the establishment   volunteering.               under Federal Law No. (13) of 2018.
         of  the “Sharjah Volunteer Center”. The   - Establish  a platform for volunteering   - Organizing and documenting volunteer
         resolution stipulated that the center for   in  the Emirate, linking  it to  the national   work and hours and the economic savings
         volunteering in the emirate shall be called   volunteer platform in coordination with   of volunteerism.
         the  “Sharjah  Volunteer Center”, under   the Ministry of Community Development.  - Cooperation and coordination with
         the Emirate’s Social Services Department   - Directing, organizing  and supervising   federal, local and  private government
         and follow its organizational structure.  volunteer work. Including volunteers,   agencies with regard to the implementation
                                           families,  volunteer teams,  volunteer   of voluntary work.
         The Head Office shall be based in Sharjah   opportunities.           -  Concluding  contracts,  agreements,
         and, by decision of the Head of the Social   - Issuing membership cards to volunteers   memorandums of understanding and
         Services Department, branches may be   registered at the center.     partnerships, after being approved by the
         established in other cities and regions of   - Granting the necessary permits for   Executive Council.
         the Emirate.                      volunteering and volunteer opportunities,   - Representing the Emirate in local,
                                           and establishing  families  and voluntary   regional  and  international  conferences,
         According  to the resolution, the center   teams in the emirate, in accordance with   seminars and meetings, and holding events
         aims to spread and strengthen the culture   the regulations and procedures adopted   in coordination  with the competent
         of volunteering and its  importance,   at the center.                authorities.
         organize  and develop volunteering,   - Organizing  registration procedures  for   - Any other terms of reference assigned
         promote diversity and  innovation  in   volunteers, families, volunteer teams and   to it by the Council or the Chairman.
         volunteer programs and initiatives,   volunteer opportunities at the Centre.
         increase the level of  socialization  and   - Organizing  training courses, technical   The Council also discussed a package of
         building social bonds between members   advice and  various appropriate care to   proposals presented  by the Directorate
         of society and encouraging individuals to   raise the efficiency of volunteering.  of Town Planning and Survey to provide
         participate in volunteer work.    - Consider and decide on complaints   the best services on  the Emirate’s
                                           filed by volunteers, volunteer teams or   external roads to serve road  users and
         In accordance with the  resolution, in   volunteer organizers in the Emirate, or   achieve integration  with the magnificent
         order to achieve its objectives, the Center   those restricted against any of them.  urban appearance of all cities and regions.
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